In the xinghua market, the old woman’s right hand went into the meat grinder with the whole palm, which hurt terribly

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In daily life, some mechanical equipment can improve the work efficiency, but if you are not careful, it is easy to cause safety accidents, so, do not be careless!On February 16, xinghua City Changan Road in a vegetable market, an old man accidentally put his right hand into the meat grinder!Xiaobian across the screen feel pain!The firemen arrived on the scene and found the old man hand the whole palm into the meat grinder expression is very painful the meat grinder complex internal structure forcible entry is difficult after careful observation and discuss a rescue package with the medical staff after firefighters immediately started the rescue work to prevent the cutting process of high temperature can produce secondary damage to the injured firefighters keep water for water cooling after nearly a littleRight hand was successfully removed the old man’s hand and forearm position heavier injury was rushed to the hospital for treatment is reported when the old man just as usual in drum rotates to fill send meat inside the right hand is not timely back your unfortunate accident happened to remind the production operation must be careful to not because it is a “master” and lightly in the event of accident, the consequences are hard toOn September 8, 2021, someone in group 4 in Tiechen Village, Qianduo Town, Xinghua City, Taizhou City got his hand stuck in the machine due to production equipment failure.Fire and rescue personnel were dispatched to the scene and specialist equipment was used to free the trapped man, who got his hand stuck in the machine while operating the pink fish.On July 14, 2019, a woman accidentally got her hand stuck in a noodle press while using it at a soup dumpling shop in Jingjiang city.She immediately turned off the switch and called the police for help!When firefighters arrived, they found a woman with her fingers partially stuck in the machine. They used an Allen wrench to disassemble the machine.About 5 minutes later, the woman’s finger successfully escaped from the trap!Here to remind you: in the use of noodle presses, meat grinder and other processing equipment, must pay attention to safety!Whether it is work, business or family use, should always be alert to the meat grinder “tiger mouth”!Protect our hands!