A letter to the city’s tea farmers, tea merchants and tea pickers

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A Letter to Tea Farmers, Tea Merchants and Tea Picking Workers Dear Tea farmers, tea merchants and tea picking workers, Hello!Time flies, and the annual tea picking season.Huangshan city is a key famous tea producing area in China and a major tea producing area in Anhui Province, and the relevant traffic flow will continue to increase.The busy tea season is also prone to accidents.The current COVID-19 situation is grim and complex, and the pressure of epidemic prevention and control still exists.In order to effectively curb the occurrence of road traffic accidents in the tea season and effectively build a solid defense line of the epidemic, Huangshan traffic police warm reminder: first, epidemic prevention.All tea farmers, tea merchants and tea pickers must comply with the city’s epidemic prevention requirements, except for production and trading needs, avoid going out and gathering as much as possible, wear masks, wash hands and disinfect frequently.Second, prepare well.Pay attention to the vehicle condition in advance and do a good job in vehicle inspection.During the spring tea picking period, vans and agricultural vehicles, as the main means of transportation, are frequently used and have heavy loads. Moreover, the road conditions in mountainous areas are relatively complex, and there are certain safety risks.So to ensure that the vehicle technical condition is good, do not open “sick car” “not annual inspection car” on the road, do safe driving, prevent all kinds of traffic accidents.Three, reasonable rest.Reasonable arrangement of work and rest time, resolutely avoid tired driving.In the tea season, the majority of tea farmers and tea merchants are very hard and tired. They have to pick tea in the daytime, make tea all night, and sell tea in the early morning in the dark.But earn gold hill, earn silver mountain, traffic safety is a backer.Therefore, please make reasonable arrangements for tea farmers and drivers, pay attention to rest, do not drive tired!Fourth, be vigilant.Not greedy convenient not lucky, resolutely put an end to illegal loading.Don’t ride in unlicensed unlicensed vehicles and low-speed truck (four-wheel farm vehicle), motor vehicles (agricultural tricycle), the electric tricycle, tractors, overcrowded buses, to discourage illegal manned cargo traffic illegal behavior, resistance, and to report, helmet and mask are as important as at the same time, two rounds of electric vehicle driving please wear safety helmet.Fifth, don’t forget the bottom line.Conscientiously abide by traffic laws and regulations, resolutely resist traffic violations.Conscientiously abide by the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other relevant laws and regulations, do not drink driving, do not exceed the speed limit, do prudent driving, safe driving, to ensure driving safety.Sixth, harmony and order.Actively cooperate with traffic police, epidemic prevention and other departments for law enforcement inspection and epidemic prevention and control, go to designated places for tea trading, not along the highway, especially remind not to conduct tea trading in the middle of the road.Obey the command of the traffic police on the spot when going to the market, pass orderly and park civilized and standardized.Life only once, safety, health is the premise to enjoy wealth.Huangshan traffic police wish you a safe journey, a healthy family, increase production and income.Huangshan City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment March 26, 2022