Teachers will lose their jobs, schools will disappear, because the education model will change dramatically

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During the epidemic, children learn through online education and live broadcast by teachers. The effect may not be good, but this illustrates a problem that there is no school, as long as there is Internet, there is no obstacle to learning anytime and anywhere.Nowadays, in the Age of Internet, with the explosion of information, the cost of information transmission is basically zero, it is easy for people to acquire knowledge, and the value of knowledge is falling rapidly.We want to learn any knowledge and skills, and now it can all be found on the Internet, there are many are free, even if some of them are paid knowledge, but the price is very low, dozens of hundreds of yuan yuan on online shopping platform can obtain a complete video tutorials, basic can achieve zero cost people learn knowledge skills, or a small cost.Learning on the Internet, not only the knowledge of basic is zero, the price is very low and we can also at very low cost to get masters courses, harvard, Yale, tsinghua university, top experts masters courses can be easily found, their courses are integrated into a system, anyone can accept their guidance, very easy.The highest cost of knowledge information transmission was in ancient times. The price of learning knowledge and skills was to become a teacher for a day and become a father for a lifetime. In ancient times, only the children of rich families could get education, while the poor could not get education.The price was too high, because at that time, knowledge was spread by copying books, ink, paper and inkstone, private schools and teachers were all expensive luxuries, and the poor could not afford such resources.The poor children to accept skill education, that is, scholars, low productivity, information communication is difficult, can only be hand to mouth, mouth hand skills based on the propagation of difficulty, the poor children learning skills can only be an apprentice, the teacher’s principle is very harsh, basically to the master when the father, to master 当牛做马, free to work for many years will pass you the skills, the masterThis cost is huge to put your youth time life pressure, high cost to unimaginable.Guo degang’s teacher’s way is the old teacher’s way, and the old teacher’s way still exists in the new society, because it is very difficult to learn in traditional skill schools.Guo degang’s traditional culture, which followed the old teacher’s way, was extremely inefficient. With the increase of productivity, the emergence of the school model in the industrial era, knowledge dissemination became more convenient and efficient.After industrialization, the prices of industrial products such as pens, ink, paper, inkstones, books fell rapidly, and the poor could afford them. Information was spread by telephone, telegram, letters and other means, which gave birth to the education mode of school.Building school, recruiting teachers, children together to learn knowledge, the burden of the children the teacher’s salary, book learning expenses, in the industrial age, the knowledge and skills needed for the lowest cost of this is the most efficient propagation mode, school mode, human knowledge dissemination is faster and more wide, illiteracy, people can read, there are a lot of people went to college technical school,Learn professional skills and become professional talents, which also provides the society with talents with various skills and objectively speeds up the development and progress of the society.In this mode, the old teacher’s way collapsed, but special skills still existed. For example, Guo Degang’s acceptance of students was the old teacher’s way, while Cao Yunjin pursued the new teacher’s way. Taking money to learn knowledge and skills was consumption.Viewers do not see through the essence of the problem, so there is a huge controversy, in fact, two people are two times of education concepts, no one is right and the other is wrong.The economic cost of schooling is high, both socially and personally. In the age of the Internet, there is less need for schools.In the Age of Internet, information transmission costs are zero. People can easily acquire the knowledge and skills they need at a very low cost. There are no obstacles and they can also easily obtain the courses organized by famous teachers without any technical problems.School education need to occupy land built school buildings, we need to recruit teachers, children need to take all the time to go to school every day, a study is more than a decade, need print textbooks textbook exercise books, in the modern society, in fact these high social and personal costs can be saved, people learn knowledge skills to a computer, to time completely.There is huge room for progress in this area.The modern world can actually put most schools out of business.Only part of the school needs to remain.In my opinion, children below junior middle school can choose centralized education in schools, because they have no self-control ability, need to adapt to collective life, need to build teamwork spirit and social communication skills, which the Internet cannot provide, it is necessary to establish schools.Top research institutions need to establish schools, such as Harvard Yale, where top scholars get together to brainstorm, exchange academic ideas, clash of values and expand thinking, which need to be discussed together, so it is necessary for top schools to exist.Most of middle school are really there is no need to exist, people can according to their own interests and hobbies, choose to learn, can be in online zero cost, solve the problem of their own learning, don’t need a full-time, don’t need tuition, countries can set up a set of evaluation system, as long as the inspection pass, enough credits you can, even graduation card can be cancelled.Pupils together in the pattern of the university study is very necessary conclusion ‬ all the running mode of ‬ industry ‬ ‬ ‬ along with ‬ ‬ productivity development and ‬ ‬ ‬ development of science and technology and change the ‬, behind ‬ ‬ ‬ industry is expected to disappear ‬ ‬ ‬, education ‬ ‬ industry is also the same ‬ ‬, with the development of productivity ‬ ‬,The transmission of knowledge, information and skills, the medium and the way of transmission, the changes have taken place, and the people are getting more and more easily, so the industry and mode of the industry should also change with The Times.The arrival of industrialization; the education of school; the old teacher’s path; the arrival of Internet; the transmission of knowledge and skills information; the medium and the way of transmission; more convenient and fast; the new model of Internet education; the model of school; the model of Internet education;Individual believes that it is the direction of future development to greatly reduce social cost and personal economic cost.