Solve the new parents parenting anxiety | recommended 5 new mothers must read the introduction of parenting books

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Many new parents will inevitably have anxiety in the face of parenting, worried that I do not know anything, will not take care of the child how to do?After all, if you work hard, even if you don’t live a rich life, you can’t starve your children. The most difficult thing to raise a child is education. How to teach and how to raise a child is the difficulty.Who are not born of parents, who are not born good parents, parents also is a process of continuous learning, yourself a lot of time in the process of parenting will think sometimes can’t keep up with the growth of the children, so the New Year began to prepare to learn some knowledge of parenting, convenient to take care of the children at the same time, oneself also want to get some of the growth and progress.There is a basic understanding of how to raise children, that is, as the saying goes, the heart is a little spectrum.It is true that every book is shared by the author with us. After reading, we share it with friends who want to learn and read together. It is better to believe in books than to have no books at all.This article only does the reading share and own a little simple understanding, hope to be helpful to parents in need, parenting road study together.Yin Jianli, education expert, master of education, has been teaching for many years, now engaged in family education research and consulting work.”A Good Mother is better than a Good Teacher” is Yin Jianli’s first work on family education, which is a milestone in Chinese family education.Once published in 2009, it caused a huge sensation, for several years has been in the top of the best-selling list, several times on the top of the best-selling list, won more than 20 awards.In the family education category books is a constant top evergreen tree.It is widely welcomed by all levels of education, all ages and all kinds of people.A Good Mother is Better than a Good Teacher has both an international vision and the essence of traditional Chinese culture. It is close to real life, overturning many long-standing wrong educational concepts and showing the correct approach and charm of education.For the first time, family education works have been promoted to a high level of specialization, with smooth writing and strong readability, which has changed the long-term phenomenon that educational professional works are far away from life.This book integrates professionalism, practicality and literature, forming breadth and depth in popularizing the concept of high-quality family education, directly promoting the progress of Chinese family education, marking the beginning of Chinese family education concept and the world’s advanced level.The author is familiar with school education, has profound research on family education, and has raised an excellent daughter herself.Author’s daughter, they are excellent has advanced placement, twice the age of 16 to attend the university entrance exam in 2007, has been more than the score of tsinghua university to admit a line 22, were the two best universities in China and Hong Kong also admitted: in terms of personality, beyond the age of maturity, independent self-reliance, ready to help others, was named the Beijing municipal 9.A good mother is a good teacher, a good mother is better than a good teacher;Let yourself be what you want your children to be.From the lines of the book, we can feel the author’s daughter’s clever and sensible, happy growth, maturity and self-reliance from childhood to adulthood. We can feel that her daughter is not born, and all her achievements come from the careful and wise mother’s education.The book mainly uses some concrete examples to explain the truth, although there is no gorgeous words, but every word is reasonable, and the implementation of operability is very strong.After reading it, I think it is of great help to myself. Many examples of family education can also be used as a reference. They can be used for learning before raising children, and they can also be used as a reference to adjust their practice after raising children.The second book: “The Most Beautiful Education is the Simplest” “The most Beautiful Education is the simplest” by Yin Jianli, is Yin Jianli’s second book on family education, in terms of content and “a good mother is better than a good teacher” parallel.The book still uses the method of case writing, and the protagonist of the case expands to more children, showing another part of children’s educational life that has not been covered in the previous book.The biggest characteristic of this book is that it is close to the current educational reality and restores the truth of education, so that we can see that a good education is not complicated, and effective education is often simple and simple.On the basis of classical pedagogy and psychology theories, the author, with the rigor of scholars and the affection of mothers, makes a thorough and detailed interpretation of all kinds of educational problems we are facing, points out all kinds of misunderstandings in education, and provides many practical methods for readers.As mothers, we need to set a good example for our children.A mother who is good at everything raises a good child.Family is the most basic unit of children’s life and education, and mother is the teacher in this educational unit.Every word, every action, are likely to become a source of imitation for children.In countless cases, children learn their first habits from their mothers.Therefore, in the face of disobedient children, mothers should pay special attention to the great influence of role models on children, always set a good example for children everywhere.The difference between parents and parents is often not the difference of identity, status or educational level, but the difference of means determined by educational philosophy.Sun Ruixue, female, Montessori education expert, was born in 1962 and graduated from the Chinese Department of Ningxia University.She is now a member of the second Committee of Ningxia Federation of Social Science, a member of Ningxia Women’s Federation, a guest writer of Yinchuan Evening News, a guest host of Yinchuan Radio, the principal of Ningxia Montessori Kindergarten, and the director of Beijing Mind Education Research Center.She is the founder of the first Montessori kindergarten in China and enjoys great reputation in the field of early childhood education at home and abroad.Since 1998, he has written more than 100 articles about 1 million words for the column of “Lectures on Montessori Science Education Methods” in Yinchuan Evening News.Since 1995, he has been invited to give Montessori education lectures in many cities all over the country, which have been warmly welcomed and highly appreciated. He has trained a large number of excellent Montessori teachers and made special reports in Ningxia TV station, Yinchuan TV station and Lanzhou TV station for many times.In 2000, he published a monograph on education love and Freedom — The New Law on Children’s Education, and co-authored a series of Books on The Growth of Mind Education — The Joy of Sharing Mathematical Logic with Children all Their Lives.Observation and Creation, Imagination and Creation, Mind and Creation.Infants around 7 months of walking sensitive period.At first refused to sit, and then began to walk, up and down the stairs to their own, where uneven to where to hit.This is probably the time when parents are most tired…The sensitive child is a free and active individual, and his ability to own space has become stronger and stronger since then.Between the ages of one and a half and two, children have a sensitive period when they are interested in small things.A strand of hair on the bed, a blade of grass on the ground…But this is not always the case with children.The sensitive period of the hand comes when the child has a grasping process.One finger, two fingers, three fingers.Many adults are clumsy with their hands. They can’t pick up chopsticks, pick up weiqi with their fingers, or count money…It all has to do with hand development in childhood.The fourth book: “Raising boys” or “Raising Girls” “Raising Boys” is feng Jungong, Compiled by Song Xiuhua, published by Citic Press.The author is Steve Bedalf, a leading Australian family expert.A must-have parenting book for families, a book husbands would steal from their wives, it’s simple, direct and easy to read.This book reveals for parents all the most critical issues that boys face as they make the transition from childhood to man.Don’t think your little one is just a child. This is the boy who will one day become a man of responsibility and maturity.This secret and huge change is taking place during the decade you have lived with it.Boys are born with masculinity, which parents must not ignore: understand the three key stages of a boy’s development, cultivate all his positive qualities, and let the right people accompany him, influence him, and lead him to grow at the right time…Years from now, as parents, we will be proud of it!Every boy is raised differently, but he displays tendencies such as aggression and control and a strong desire to take risks.There is an inherent mechanism in a boy’s life plan that drives him to do things that no one else will do for granted.Boys need firm, friendly guides to develop into tough, responsible men.The book is like a boy’s navigational map of life, showing rapids and rapids as well as supply bays and shore-watching lighthouses.The book contains plenty of practical guidance to guide parents to let their sons raise the sails of life and open up a wonderful voyage of life.After having a daughter, do you often have some such perplexities: daughter, do you need to be rich?What are the differences between the growth of girls and boys?It was written by One of Australia’s leading family experts, Steve Bidalph, who is also a popular parenting author.His books, including Raising Girls, Raising Boys and Secrets to a Happy Childhood, have influenced parents and children in different countries around the world.Your daughter may just be born, or a toddler, or already in school.She may be an adolescent with a sensitive and fragile soul, but she is developing a sense of gender and identity.She may be a young woman, at the age of marriage, but also struggling in the society, she will be more and more independent, less and less dependent on you;Or maybe she’s a mother herself who already understands and shares with you the close and wonderful emotional bond between a mother and her child.No matter what stage of life your daughter is at, she needs her parents’ support and guidance.If there is a father who loves her very much, the girl will have confidence in the world. If there is a mother who loves her very much, the girl will know how to respect herself and love herself. Therefore, parents’ love for their children is the best education.If you are intelligent and energetic parents who always have their own thoughts about life, instead of following the crowd in an increasingly complex social environment, you will be able to provide your daughter with more nourishment, give her the right advice, accompany her healthy growth, and share more quiet and happy time.Jane Nelsen is a psychologist, educator, marriage and family therapist and founder of the Positive Discipline Association of the United States.She is the mother of seven children and the grandmother or maternal grandmother of eighteen.For 10 years, he has been a teacher of children’s development novels and university psychological counseling.She is the author or full author of 18 books (translated into more than 16 languages, selling more than 4 million copies in the United States and more than 2 million copies outside the United States) and a consultant to numerous parenting and parenting magazines.There is not a parent who does not do his best for his child, but the best wishes may not always bring the best results for the child.Positive parenting is a way of disciplining children that is neither punitive nor permissive…Only in a kind and firm atmosphere can children develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation and the ability to solve problems for themselves, learn social and life skills that will benefit them throughout their lives, and achieve good academic results…Positive discipline “parent classroom”, from the United States, by Dr. Jane Nelson and other education experts after more than 30 years of practice development and improvement, so that tens of millions of parents learned “not pampering not punishment”, “kind and firm” parallel parenting methods!Good mother, grow together with increasing positive discipline!Positive discipline is a popular education storm in Europe and the United States!A growth experience that affects a child’s whole life!More than 16 countries and six million families have been transformed before you.Now, “positive discipline” founded by Jane Nelsen, PhD of Education, has been introduced into China by focusing on Chinese parent education, which will bring a new educational concept to millions of Chinese families.Good mothers love to learn, good mothers in action!Who pushed the start button on bad behavior?Why are the rules of family education cleverly broken by children again and again?In front of the challenge of children’s discipline, parents again and again use or punishment or connivance, or praise or blow, or lure or give up and so on seemingly “effective” means to solve the current embarrassment, but why the situation seems to have been getting worse?As a parent, do you really know your child?Family education is also a long way to go. Parents may have to work hard to earn money to support their family, and they have to read and learn as much as possible in fragmented time, so as to better guide and educate their children and grow up together.