Old people can not walk until they know that more children is not necessarily a good thing

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In the eyes of the older generation, “More children brings more happiness”.Last century 70 80 time, my cousin uncle, gave birth to three daughters, although the family condition is not bad, but often by the village people joke.Especially in autumn, when most of the rice in the village has been harvested, Uncle Biao’s family is still busy.If the sky is not perfect and it drizzles for a while, most of the rice will germinate and some will rot in the paddy fields.For this reason, uncle Biao often groaned in front of his relatives and friends, hating himself for being useless and failing to pluck up the courage to have another son.When relatives and friends get together, those families without sons are also on the receiving end of innuendo and demeaning remarks.With the development of The Times, people’s ideas have changed a lot. It is the same to give birth to sons and daughters as long as they are promising.After all, the number of children cannot be directly equated with the quality of family life.There is an ugly saying in my hometown: “One man is a dragon, three people are a worm.”It’s like “Three monks no water”.When the number of children and the cost of supporting them are beyond the parents’ means, the difficulties of life follow, especially when the parents become too old to walk.When parents were young, they did everything they could to help their children grow up.Not all parents have regular sources of income and have a lot of savings.The vast majority of parents, no mines at home, rely on menial labor in exchange for money.Some people work in the factory, some people pick bricks in the construction site, some people are sweeping the street, the person body still has deformity, what thing can’t do……Parents who live at the bottom of the social ladder put more effort into the growth of their children.For children to go to the city to study, have to buy a house in the city, but also to choose a school to see which teaching quality is better, the surrounding housing price is more reliable.My cousin Zhang Hua bought a house in the county town and spent tens of thousands of yuan.He said, if nothing goes wrong, the loan will be paid off in 16 or 17 years.Last year, Zhang Hua had a period of time, unemployed, the pressure of life, so that his face with bitterness.Parents always believe that there are more ways than difficulties.As long as the children have been trained, everyone went to college, married, successful.Such an idea, so that parents again and again emptied the wallet, even the coffin board money, are spent.The average family with many children, weak parents and grandparents who didn’t leave much money.When parents get old and can’t walk, most of them ask for living expenses from their children.When they stretch out their hands, their children may not understand, and their daughters-in-law and sons-in-law may also complain.Some children, but also blame their parents before spending money, no ability.When parents are old, families with too many children will inevitably have conflicts in supporting the elderly.As the saying goes, “Ten fingers have the length, lotus water has the height.”There are several sons and daughters in the family, when supporting their parents, they have to sit together to discuss, and the distribution of alimony will cause conflicts.A worthless child cannot afford alimony;Promising children must compare with other brothers and sisters, unwilling to pay more;Children who have not received their parents’ wealth bear a grudge;Get a lot of money children, think they should get so much……The brothers and sisters were worried about who should take care of their parents.My grandmother had seven children.Two of his sons are farmers, one works in the system, one runs a business, and one died young.Two daughters married off, one poor and one rich.When grandma couldn’t walk, the children made a mess.Married women think, rely on the son for retirement;He who has the money, the sons believe, pays the piper.After a dispute, my little uncle, reluctantly assumed the task of taking care of my grandmother, but he wanted brothers and sisters to pay.Inexplicably, the little uncle took the opportunity to take most of the grandmother’s savings, gold and silver jewelry, to their own home, causing a great uproar.There are two common sayings in rural areas: “Children spoiled by parents will most likely become useless;Promising children go far away to make a living, and worthless children stay with their parents.”In the family with many brothers and sisters, the hierarchy is obvious, and the “point” of contradiction is especially many.Parents, unable to be “not biased at all”, are also very difficult.04 families with many children, how to deal with their parents’ pension problem?”Filial piety first”, the quality of life of elderly parents, depends on the quality and quantity of children, usually emotional interaction, etc..On the one hand, to discipline children, we need to use good family rules and customs, while supporting their studies, we should pay attention to unity and friendship education.Do not think, went to college children, you can rely on.On the other hand, no matter how good parents are to their children, they should “save something” : money and a house for their old age, which are essential.After all, when you are stuck, there are many places to spend money and few places to make money.Old people live with dignity only when they have money in their hands.The kids take care of you, but it doesn’t cost anything, and it’s easier for them to accept, and it’s a lot less stressful.Of course, it needs to be explained that we do not advocate that we only give birth to one good, or two or three good.According to their respective family economic situation, parents education children’s ability to consider comprehensively.For the families with conditions, more children, more lively, greater family force, will not bring trouble.As sons and daughters, we should learn to be grateful, give up “keeping up with the Joneses”, do not care about the enmity between brothers and sisters, but do not covet their parents’ money.Take filial piety as something you must do in this life, and you will be in balance.Everyone’s life is less than more than the next, when you are sad, and almost the family compared, the mood is good.A small family, no matter how difficult it is, is not bad parents that a bowl of rice, the house is very small, squeeze a squeeze, you can also put a bed.Whatever attitude you take toward your parents, your children will take the same attitude toward you, with cause and effect.A loss is a blessing to support your parents.Author: Cloth clothes coarse food.Pay attention to my words, into your heart.The illustrations are from the Internet.