National Health Commission: not to return home for the Spring Festival “layers of code”!The epidemic situation in China is generally stable, and the risk of social gatherings in Hangzhou still exists

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Under the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, a press conference was held on January 29.Officials from the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Health Commission and other relevant officials will attend and brief them on the epidemic prevention and control work during the holiday.In addition, the 102nd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control was held in Zhejiang at 3 PM on January 29.Officials from the provincial leading Group office of Prevention and control, the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Hangzhou Municipal government introduced relevant information and answered questions from journalists.National Health Commission:Shall not be arbitrarily banning out-of-town people home New Year’s day on January 29, feng defense under the State Council, a spokesman for the national WeiJianWei m spreading mechanism at a press conference to introduce, the Spring Festival approaching, in order to ensure the security of personnel during Spring Festival, the orderly flow of defense under the State Council, spreading mechanism maintaining on December 18th conference in 2021, has been to travel, high-risk area,There are clear requirements for people going to medium-high risk areas and high-risk posts, for the management of people with fever, health code “yellow code” and nucleic acid testing.The NHC has noted media reports and social media reports that some people are having trouble returning to their hometowns. The Joint prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council has verified the reports and reported back to local authorities for immediate rectification, Mi said.Policy adjustments have been made in some places, but in some places people from low-risk areas are still not allowed to return to their hometowns, people are forced to stay in quarantine at their own expense, and people are arbitrarily allowed to stay in quarantine and monitor their health at home for longer.In response, the Joint Prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council once again made clear requirements for the implementation of epidemic prevention policies, which can be summarized as “five prohibitions”.Travel restrictions shall not be expanded at will;The scope of travel restrictions shall not be extended from medium – and high-risk areas to the local cities and provinces;People returning from low-risk areas shall not be forced to return or quarantined in a centralized manner.The period of centralized quarantine observation and home health monitoring shall not be arbitrarily extended.The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism set up a message board on the home page of the NHC’s official website today, said Mi Feng, a spokesman for the NHC.Problems encountered by people on their way home can be reported here, and we will earnestly verify them and urge them to make corrections.Mi Feng said that all localities should strengthen emergency guard, quick response, not only to scientific and accurate implementation of epidemic prevention measures, but also to the masses full of warmth to solve practical difficulties, resolutely prevent “simplification” “one size fits all”, let the masses spend a healthy, happy and peaceful Spring Festival.More than 23 million new COVID-19 cases were confirmed around the world in the past week, with nearly 90% of them the Omikron variant strain, said Mi Feng, spokesman for the National Health Commission (NHC). The number of cases in some of China’s neighboring countries has increased rapidly, increasing pressure to prevent imported COVID-19.▽ Mi Feng Mi feng said that there are clusters of local epidemic cases in some parts of The country, and the risk of the spread of the epidemic is increasing with the increase of passenger flow during the Spring Festival travel rush.We need to ensure precise prevention and control across the chain, and promptly and carefully implement measures such as epidemiological investigations, nucleic acid tests, and screening assistance.Preliminary overall stable local outbreak in China Beijing fengtai outbreak contained in the meeting, the level of the national bureau of health committee for disease control and prevention He Qinghua introduces, at present, our country present local outbreak local scattered point send out, but overall the outbreak remained stable parts of local clustering outbreaks have been put out, some are orderly disposal process.The epidemic in Henan, Guangdong and other provinces has entered the final phase, and basically the risk of community infection has been effectively controlled within about one incubation period.Recently, the newly discovered epidemic in Hebei District of Tianjin is related to the previous local epidemic in Jinnan District, which was caused by accidental exposure during quarantine. Currently, the risk groups are under investigation and control.The cluster epidemic in the border area of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province was limited in scope and effectively controlled in a short period of time.Beijing fengtai January 18 associated outbreaks across Beijing, hebei, shandong, shanxi, and liaoning provinces, overall clear cases between transmission chain, epidemic rise preliminary contained, community to spread the risk, is currently in epidemic prevention and control of the critical period, risk screening and controls are orderly.The cluster epidemic in the border area of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province was limited in scope and effectively controlled in a short period of time.The virus sequencing results showed that the omicron variant strain was detected in horgos, Xinjiang on March 23. The epidemic involved a wide range of occupations, and community transmission to a certain extent had occurred in the region.At present, there is no sign of the spread of the virus.All the infected people in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang province on January 25 had a clear epidemiological link, and the transmission chain was relatively clear. There was still a risk of community spread of the epidemic in the local area.The virus sequencing results of the outbreak in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province on April 26 were omicron variant strains. The cases were mainly concentrated in Hangzhou, and scattered spillover cases were found in Hubei, Guizhou, Jiangxi and Henan provinces. At present, the scope of the epidemic is relatively limited, the transmission chain is generally clear, and the epidemic is still in the stage of rapid development.Prevention and control work, including risk area control and screening of people at risk of spillover, is being accelerated.Recently, the epidemic has continued to spread at a high level internationally, and there has been an increase in cross-regional mobility and gathering activities in China. China is still under great pressure to prevent imported cases and rebound at home.During the Spring Festival, the national health committee to implement the zone spreading mechanism about the deployment, continue to maintain the current tight stick to strictly prevent input, the general policy of the rebound, insist on dynamic zero total strategy, strengthen the need on duty, strengthen the guidance of prevention and control work around the support, guidance place, rapid disposal of put together to keep,Let the people enjoy a happy, peaceful, healthy and safe Spring Festival.Zhejiang held the 102nd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Hangzhou at 3 PM on January 29.Officials from the provincial leading Group office of Prevention and control, the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Hangzhou Municipal government introduced relevant information and answered questions from journalists.Four new local confirmed cases were reported in Hangzhou from 0 to 14:00 on January 29, 2022, all of which were detected by close contact personnel at centralized quarantine sites.By 14:00 on January 29, a total of 44 local confirmed cases had been reported, all in Hangzhou, including 12 in Xiaoshan District, 21 in Binjiang District, 1 in Xihu District, 2 in Shangcheng District, 6 in Fuyang District and 2 in Gongshu District.Xia Shichang, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, said that the first case of the epidemic in Hangzhou was an employee of Hangzhou Binjiang Huite Company, who was diagnosed in the early morning of January 26 through voluntary medical treatment.The epidemic spread through the annual meeting of 297 employees held by Huite on January 19, the residential community of the company’s employees and surrounding shops and properties, a wedding of 244 people attended by many high-risk employees on January 22, and employees returning home for the Spring Festival.Among the 44 cases, 19 were employees of Huite Company, 10 were associated with family members and roommates of employees, 11 were associated with wedding banquet, and 4 were connected by other close contacts.Of the 44 cases, 22 were male and 22 were female.The oldest was 70, the youngest was 3, and the median age was 39.The clinical types of the cases were mild.There were 34 cases in centralized isolation, 3 cases in voluntary treatment, 3 cases in home isolation, and 4 cases in screening in controlled areas.The epidemic is mainly concentrated in the riverside area, showing spot-like distribution and local aggregation.In addition to the 19 confirmed cases at Hwaite, 18 people have been infected with six family clusters.One case of cluster epidemic in wedding banquet, 11 people;A cluster of cases involving 9 persons (Changjiang Xiyuan Community, Binjiang District);Property company cluster epidemic 1 3 people (Binjiang District De Shengginkgo hui property).The average incubation period of 2.73 days will still be followed by new cases. The risk of social encounter still exists. Combined with the epidemiological investigation and the effect evaluation of the response and disposal measures, the transmission situation of this epidemic has been basically understood, and effective control measures have been taken for several key links in the transmission process.The average incubation period was 2.73 days.As some of the cases involved gatherings such as annual meetings and wedding banquets, the number of new cases will continue to appear in the following days.A total of 297 people participated in the annual meeting of Huite Company, all of which have been controlled.The screening of close contacts and sub-close contacts has been completed, and the risk of epidemic transmission has been reduced.A total of 244 people were involved in the wedding banquet, and 11 positive cases were detected, including 9 wedding participants and 2 close contacts.In view of the wedding banquet personnel complex, provinces and cities have been set up to work special class, wall map combat, one by one sales number.Most of the new cases were found in concentrated isolation sites.The fact that most of the cases tested positive from entry to the quarantine point occurred on the same day suggests that the risk of social transmission still exists.This is the focus of our current work and will be a key link in the early realization of community zero.One week has passed since the outbreak was discovered, and the employees of the company have returned to their hometown after the annual conference. Four exported cases have been found, indicating that the risk of spillover still exists.People who will leave Hangzhou in the near future should take nucleic acid tests within 48 hours and strengthen health monitoring.Question: As the Spring Festival is approaching, what are the prevention and control measures for people returning to their hometown or other places in Hangzhou?Xia Shichang, deputy director of the provincial Health Commission, said: generally speaking, we advocate staying in local areas for the Spring Festival.Hangzhou citizens advocate staying in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival and not going out if it is not necessary to minimize the flow of people. However, the government has not restricted normal travel, especially the flow of people between low-risk areas. We hope to ensure safe and orderly flow.First, medium-high risk areas have been designated, and people from these areas are definitely not allowed to leave Hangzhou. There are clear regulations on the management of personnel in the containment, control and prevention areas, and relevant regulations of the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters must be strictly implemented.Second, we advocate people who are not from the above regions to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival. If you leave Hangzhou, you need to pay attention to relevant epidemic prevention policies of the destination.In general, each province is in accordance with the national requirements, but there are different requirements in different regions. We should at least make preparations for nucleic acid tests and health monitoring in advance.Third, people from medium-high risk counties and urban areas should not come to Hangzhou unless necessary. Those who do need to come to Hangzhou should also have a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours and follow the latest announcements and policies of the local government. We also do not recommend people to go to places affected by the epidemic.Fourth, passengers who take high-speed trains, buses and flights should understand the policy requirements of the destination for personnel management in Hangzhou when leaving Hangzhou.Since Hangzhou has been designated as a medium-risk area and asterisks have been added to the travel card, hangzhou citizens will be required to have a clear understanding of the epidemic situation and relevant policies and requirements on the management of destination personnel before going out, otherwise they will cause inconvenience to themselves.Fifth, some citizens asked whether those passing through Hangzhou, such as by high-speed rail or expressway, would be affected.This is not going to be affected.We believe that under the strong leadership of the CPC Provincial Committee and the provincial government, with the promotion of various prevention and control measures and the active cooperation of citizens, Hangzhou will bring the epidemic under control as soon as possible and realize the elimination of community zero as soon as possible.Source: Integrated CCTV news, Hangzhou Daily, Qianjiang Evening News editor: Dong Juncheng, YZM Review: Qian Chengcan