INTO YOU and YOU set off the Z era “play color” beauty makeup track

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With the rapid rise of domestic brands, Chinese fashion beauty brands have accelerated the pace of progress.Its Chinese fashion beauty brand INTO YOU always adhere to the line of creative and innovative domestic beauty makeup, and integrate professional color matching, ingenious design and avant-garde brand concept INTO products to meet the diversified needs of the mainstream consumer group of Generation Z for beauty products.Dig out the pain points of consumption and grasp the beauty makeup trend.Since its inception, adhere to technological innovation, continue to export its brand aesthetics and values to consumer groups, will be engraved in the DNA of the courage and romance INTO the beauty products, let the beauty of the tide to the mainstream beauty aesthetic ranks.Heroine lip mud — 2021 worthy of the National tide beauty makeup heroine INTO YOU heart admire and YOU refuse product homogenization, strive for innovative development, through continuous trial and research and development, finally heroine series lip mud successfully listed, this new product once launched, it has attracted market attention.In February 2021, INTO YOU Heart Admire and your heroine series lip mud was selected as “The most Outstanding Domestic product” on Tmall;In October of the same year, the heroine series was awarded the “Annual Popular Lip gloss of Bazaar International Cosmetics”.In 2021, INTO YOU Love and your Leading lady’s lip and cheek lip mud are gaining momentum, with 24 dazzling national trendy colors giving gen Z more room to create beauty.Heroine series lip and cheek lip mud, the upper mouth silky smooth extension, lasting makeup effect, do not stick to the cup;Innovative usability, can be used as lip makeup, also can be used as blush, eye shadow and other makeup products for embellishment.The product can be used to enlarge the scope, fun play makeup becomes more simple, convenient, to solve the Z generation of women in the fast-paced life in the pursuit of beauty and time, energy race trouble.At the end of 2021, INTO YOU Love and Your Heroine’s lip Gloss will launch a new color, EM112 Winter Rose.As the recommended color of ju Jingyi, the EM112 Winter Rose adds some rose tones to the traditional red, adding a unique beauty to the bright retro red.Advanced fog matt light texture can be very good cover lip lines, cover up lip flaws, will be rich red appears particularly natural, advanced.The combination of light luxury and noble sense, the stunning and rich red lips are delicate and mysterious, just like the rose. The cool and passionate red is particularly dazzling in autumn and winter festivals, which makes people have to be focused on, and the heroine’s aura is overwhelming.Explosive lip mud change clothes and then attack, surprise multiplication love color, deeply dig facial color aesthetics, create a full range of beauty makeup creation new experience.INTOYOU heart admire and you for the explosive lip mud color complete gorgeous change, innovative design of small mud canned lip mud, to bring consumers more fun and surprise playing color.INTO YOU to play with YOU fun clay pot, selected 5 popular colors, full of creativity, unlimited surprise, let the beauty makeup is full of children’s fun and imagination.The compact and delicate frosted round box is an indispensable pigment pot for art students.With a delicate lip brush, you can apply the sweet and soft clay on your lips and cheeks to create your unique beauty.Gently dip in the lip paste, gently flick the soft mousse texture, smear it and spread it over the lips.With skin filter makeup sense, so that the lip color seems to be born with a general refreshing and natural, to meet the Asian women’s pursuit of temperament beauty makeup, texture beauty makeup, natural beauty makeup requirements.The modern charm of red velvet;324 French grey rose French languor;EM05 Light tea apricot color Japanese versatile;EM08 terra-cotta sweet, spicy and cool;EM12 strawberry’s delicate pink and distinct color activate women’s imagination of beauty.Explosion lip mud in everyone’s hand draw a million kinds of amorous feelings: salt can be sweet, can be pure but mature, can languid lazy but delicate……Bring different makeup experience for each multi-faceted girl.With the influence of domestic aesthetic trend continues to expand, INTO YOU heart admire and YOU always adhere to the brand’s own aesthetics and values are more and more recognized by the market.INTO YOU is a self-owned beauty brand of Lizhi, a comprehensive enterprise that focuses on discovering “beauty”.Adhering to the mission of “make beauty easier”, the company has built a complete and smooth beauty ecological chain.As a key part of the beauty makeup ecological chain, we will inject courage and romance INTO the brand gene, show the romantic nature of generation Z women with colors, activate every kind of beauty on women, let the heart move around at any time, and improve women’s sense of self-recognition and confidence.From the tide beauty makeup brand INTO YOU heart longed for with YOU, we found the Chinese beauty makeup brand more possibilities, in the face of multiple complex consumer market, INTO YOU heart longed for precise positioning Z generation consumers with YOU, will have vitality, brand INTO a growing beauty makeup brand, growing in the field of beauty makeup with consumers,Witness every step of domestic brands and consumers to become better, more beautiful, more confident.