Fourth in the nation in concern

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In 2021, Hubei province registered 42 geographical indication trademarks and registered 25 of them.The Provincial Intellectual Property Office has held the GEOGRAPHICAL indication Conference and brand Cultivation innovation Competition for three consecutive years. Nearly 300 geographical indication products have participated in the activities, resulting in 34 gold award projects and 32 silver award projects.Supervision over the use of special geographical indications was strengthened, and 1,109 market entities in the province were allowed to use special geographical indications., strengthening the protection of geographical indication products use YingShan cloud tea, Beijing mountain bridge rice demonstration area, the construction of Chinese mugwort national geographical indication product protection, such as red and green tea nine geographical indication items into the state intellectual property office of the geographical indication key contact list using the demonstration project, macheng f the geographic marks of white chrysanthemum industry development by the state intellectual property office of the special support.Through cultivation and development, qianjiang lobster, Enshi Yulu, Lichuan red, Chibi green brick tea, Zigui navel orange and other influential geographical indication products have emerged, with rapid industrial development and obvious driving effect.According to agencies, qianjiang’s lobster brand is worth more than 20 billion yuan, while Qiai’s brand is worth nearly 10 billion yuan.Hubei published editorial product | reprint please indicate the source source: hubei publishing, intellectual property office of hubei province editor: Zeng Han