Breaking the inherent pattern of China’s hybrid market, The sales of Wei brand latte DHT rose 52% month-on-month in February

2022-05-06 0 By

Wei brand has officially announced its car sales in February, according to data, coffee series “star” model – sales of 2387 units, latte DHT rose 52%, the advantage of the large platform of intelligent DHT and coffee intelligent two blessing, with outstanding product, show a strong market competitiveness, gradually catch up with Japanese hybrid “veteran” double field.As a blockbuster model of Wei brand, Latte DHT can be described as its debut, showing its potential of explosive models. Why can its sales rise all the way against the trend in the context of the overall downward market environment?Strength, superior intelligence DHT preempted the arrival of the new energy tuyere latte DHT solves the consumers “pure electric” and “fuel” they cannot balance the tangle of disease, with advanced technology, intelligent DHT bring current domain at full speed, efficiency, performance, optimal solution more scene, in order to “fast, cis, static, province” a new experience, for consumers with easy ride of life.Not only that, as the latter of the hybrid market latte DHT catching up, with completely independent research and development, the design of hybrid intelligent DHT technology has broken the Japanese technical barriers, with the power to rewrite the hybrid market inherent pattern, and will be the price of new energy vehicles, in the same horizontal line as fuel cars, guide the new energy technology development direction.This has also contributed to the rising sales of Latte DHT, which has become the industry benchmark for The Chinese brand HEV segment.Latte DHT adopt intelligent DHT power structure, the two have drive transmission chain is shorter, the advantages of the earlier intervention direct-drive engine, can make the engine keep efficient power output, also can have as pure electric driving excellent texture, effectively ease the traditional fuel vehicles, pure electric and hybrid cars consumers “you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk” car anxiety.Recently, a tank of lattes DHT oil traveled around the Seventh Ring Road of Beijing and measured the comprehensive endurance of 1219.3 kilometers, which proves the powerful dynamic performance and ultra-low fuel performance of the intelligent DHT system.Advanced coffee intelligent technology, directly poke users want and need behind each “star” model, is the result of keeping up with the development of The Times, think what users want, understand what users need.Latte DHT is user-centered and directly hits the pain points of users. Based on the coffee intelligent platform, latte DHT is equipped with advanced intelligent driving assistance, intelligent comfort and intelligent care. It truly makes luxury at your fingertips, enables science and technology to penetrate people’s hearts, and enables more consumers to enjoy the technology and convenience brought by intelligence.Latte DHT has advanced intelligent driver assistance system to make every trip more secure.The application of remote parking, transparent chassis and other technologies, even novice drivers can park with ease.There are also a number of intelligent driving assistance technologies such as AEB intersection assistance, ESS automatic emergency steering assistance, navigation enhanced head-up display and so on, which always escort smart driving and their intelligence level is far superior to that of joint venture vehicles of the same level.Not only pay attention to driving safety, but also care about driving comfort.Hugging aerospace comfortable seats, intelligent cockpit cleaning…Latte DHT will be comfortable throughout the details, full dimensional shape of intelligent new boundaries;In addition, advanced intelligent care, electronic child safety lock, rear vital signs monitoring and other “black technology”, always guard every family trip.In a word, latte DHT meets the car needs of the new generation of young families through its strong product strength, and becomes a popular model in THE HEV market segment.In the future, I believe that latte DHT, as a representative of the strength of Chinese brands, will make persistent efforts to scale new heights and write a new chapter of Chinese brands!The event will run from March 26, 2022 to April 26, 2022