5-1, Mbappe world Po + Messi, the defending champions crashed, Grande Paris lead by 13 points

2022-05-06 0 By

French champions Lille, ranked 11th before the match, will take on Paris Saint-Germain at 3:45 am in the morning of February 7, 2022.Lille team before the fifth European theater Monaco 4 points behind, their goal must be to get seats in the European war, their last four games ligue 1 2 win 1 draw, state, and Paris st germain pre-match 53 points, ahead of marseille as many as 10 points, but also a game in hand, can say Paris st germain title is just a matter of time,Paris Saint-Germain have won two of their last four Ligue 1 matches, winning two in a row in their last two matches, and are in better form than Lille, but they are unbeaten in their last two home games against Paris Saint-Germain, with a good record of one win and one draw.At home lille played in a 4-4-2 formation, led by Ben Arfa, David, Weah and Selic, while Fonte, Amadou, Andriy andriy bamba also got the chance to start, in addition to Botmann, Gudmundsson, Gerbic also started together, while Paris played in a 4-3-3 formation.Messi, Mbappe, Villati, mendes co-lead the starting, while Di Maria, Paredes, Danilo, Markinios also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Ashraf, Donnaruma, Kimpumbe also started together.In the 10th minute, the Lille goalkeeper saved the ball and Danilo easily pushed an open goal to give Paris a dream start.The 28th minute of the game, Botman receives the left teammate’s bottom cross volley, Donnaruma throws the ball directly toward his own goal direction, 1-1, both sides draw.The ball was donnaruma’s mistake.The 32nd minute of the game, big Paris right corner kick to open in front of the door, Jin Pengbei after the shovel shot, 2-1, big Paris lead again.In the 38th minute, Messi made it 3-1, and Paris increased its advantage.In the 51st minute, Danilo scored from the outside to make it 4-1.In the 67th minute, Kylian Mbappe knocked out the world to make it 5-1.The goal was set up by Messi.Finally big Paris win, can be said to be the hang of the defending champion, after this service big Paris accumulate 56 points, ahead of the second Marseille 13 points, can be said to have no opponent on the way to the championship, the only opponent may be themselves, depends on how long they want to win in advance.