The life in isolation point of village to yanggou is so

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The isolation personnel live in clean and tidy rooms with complete facilities and adequate supplies.On January 25, workers disinfected people who were preparing to return home by car after the quarantine period expired.If you do not enter the interior, the residential area in Shuian Road, Baqiao District, which has been built and ready to move in, looks no different from ordinary residential areas.A month ago, it was temporarily transformed into an emergency room, which became a centralized quarantine point for type B close contacts in the current outbreak.What is this slightly mysterious place called the Quarantine point?How to ensure the life of quarantined personnel and staff there?Recently, the reporter came to this xi ‘an city’s largest isolation site visit.This is Xiangyanggou public rental housing community. If there were no epidemic, a number of residents would settle down here. But a month ago, everything changed because of the outbreak.On December 27, 2021, Xi ‘an Anju Group received an urgent task to immediately transform the unused Xiangyanggou public rental housing community into emergency housing. On December 28, 1314 rooms in building 1-3 of the community were determined as the first batch of isolation points.However, some houses in the community have just reached the occupancy conditions, and the sanitation in the room has not been cleaned, and according to the requirements, on December 31, the quarantine personnel will move in, leaving them only 72 hours of transformation time.Xi ‘an Anju Group immediately set up a special team for epidemic prevention and control, mobilized to carry out water and electricity heating, disinfection and security, material support, financial support and other work, but also invited workers to enter the renovation construction.Xi ‘an housing group party committee member, deputy general manager Li Wendi said that it was a time during the traffic control management in the city, a city merchants, no open the door, program staff side to find ways to use all the resources shopping goods, contact suppliers from side of the city called to reach the scene of the workers, not withdraw subsidiary can come out of workers and staff.Soon the first batch of “pioneers” began to “open the land” work, from the public area of the building to the ground corner of each floor of each household, cleaning and erasing one by one.The unloading, assembling, distribution and placement of all materials needed in each room, from bed boards, tables and chairs to toothbrushes and combs, have all been prepared in place…After three sleepless days and nights, the first batch of 1,314 quarantined personnel moved into the quarantine site as scheduled on The night of 31.Then, on New Year’s Day this year, in order to prepare for the later period of quarantined people, another continuous 72 hours of emergency transformation began.There were several times more rooms than before.The working team completed the infrastructure rush repair, material entry and equipment maintenance of the remaining buildings from No.4 to no.13 in the community. On January 4th, all rooms were finally checked and accepted, and the second group of quarantined people also moved in smoothly when the basic conditions were met.Recalling more than 5,000 sets of isolation room layout of the scene, Anju group human resources deputy minister Xing Yicong said: “no one considered age, position, are very hard, female comrades are responsible for material placement, bed, male comrades are responsible for including tables and chairs, bed boards, electric heating and other handling, assembly work.Because of the large amount of supplies, a building to carry thousands of sets of supplies at a time each elevator was occupied, in order to catch up with the time, we unanimously decided to let the supplies take the elevator, all the staff from the first floor directly climbed the 33 floors, according to the order from top to bottom a floor ‘unloading’.During the interview, the reporter also found that a lot of staff hands, still keep the scar marks left when handling materials to decorate the room.On January 4, with the increase in the number of quarantined personnel and special staff of the epidemic situation in the isolation point, Xi ‘an Anju Group, which is responsible for the security work of the isolation point, set up a special team for the construction and logistics support of xiangyanggou isolation control area.The isolation personnel live in clean and tidy rooms with complete facilities and adequate supplies.In fact, logistics for the quarantine point in xiangyanggou began on December 27 last year.How to reside group comprehensive deputy minister contains hair to purchase group chief as special class food goods and materials, when come to Yang gully village that day, discover here what do not have, the hearth that does not supply big pot rice, do not have appropriate place, do not have the condition that provides meal for staff member at all.At the same time, due to the epidemic, we could not find a third-party organization to provide food and beverage, so we mobilized all resources to find cooks, buy food materials and set up stoves on site, so as to provide meals for all the staff and workers stationed on site. On a maximum day, the temporary stoves provided meals for more than 1,700 people.The 10-person catering team starts at 4am and works until 11pm to complete the meal preparation and distribution.On the fourth day, December 31, 2021, the special class finally got in touch with catering suppliers, completed qualification review, food safety commitment signing, food hygiene inspection and other links, and selected three suppliers that could meet a large number of catering services during the epidemic.”For people who are quarantined, there must be some resistance at first, and we must make sure that they eat well.”The quarantine point includes eggs, milk and bread for breakfast.At noon, two meat dishes and two vegetables will not only consider the meat and vegetable collocation, but also take into account the color collocation, and some fruits will be matched with the meal;Dinner is usually fried with rice or pasta.In addition, the quarantined people will receive a gift package of snacks every few days. As long as the quarantined people with special needs request, the staff will record in detail and give special care to them when making meals.After each meal is prepared, it will be distributed to the “building manager” of each building, and distributed to the households one by one by the staff in the sealing control area.But that’s not all they do.During the interview, according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the reporter was not able to enter the isolation building and communicate with the quarantined people and the “Baymax” in the containment area. However, from the warehouse for daily necessities in the isolation point, the reporter saw that there were all kinds of supplies stored here.Bedding, electric heating, sanitary products, packed snacks, fruits, hair dryer, table lamp, exercise book, laundry detergent, sewing bag, charging wire, tea, cotton swabs, ear scoop…It has everything. It’s like a mass market.Wei Yiting, a member of the warehouse management team, said the supplies were mainly reserved for two groups of people, nearly 3,000 quarantined people and more than 500 permanent support workers.At first, most of these materials were consumables such as toiletries, cleaning and daily necessities. Later, according to people’s personalized needs, the types of reserves were continuously increased, including infant milk powder, skin care products, adult diapers, disposable underwear and so on.The procurement group in addition to these special class life, every day will collect isolation of personnel’s special demand information, online course students’ work print already has become one of the workers a day job, quarantine personnel other special demand, staff will be printed after the purchase, within the group purchasing office supplies, the reporter sees,These printouts of special requirements have accumulated to more than 100.Whenever anyone asks for anything, the only reply from the staff is “right away”.At the beginning of the quarantine, one of the quarantine staff said that the child wanted to take chess lessons, but the staff in charge of purchasing failed to buy one after running for a long time. In the end, they helped the child make a set with cardboard boxes, to the surprise of the child and his parents were very satisfied.”We have everything a hotel can offer.”This is the commitment of all staff in the special squad to all quarantined personnel.There is such a group of people in the isolation point to yanggou community, although their task is to do a good job of security, but each time the location of the work is indeed in the isolation of the control area of the building, and even in the isolation of the door.On January 25, the staff of xiangyanggou centralized isolation center conducted nucleic acid tests every day.NieBo is the housing group construction management department staff are isolated point supporting facilities coordination group director, January 5, an emergency in the ditch village isolated points, three operators in charge of organization and coordination of the entire village of real-time monitoring system, usually need a few months to complete the personnel organization, the early exploration field, preliminary design, prepare materials, operation, etc.,His team did it in 10 days.There are 53 4G and 5G base stations for 7 buildings, nearly 1,000 monitoring terminals, 2,100 access control monitoring terminals, and 1,900 broadband connections, effectively improving the precision and execution of isolation area management.And carry out these work, usually need the staff to enter the isolation building for installation, the team has never bucked the situation, as long as we receive the task of the first response is “rush”.50 to 70 repair reports from isolated personnel are collected in the isolation point of Xiangyanggou Small Area every day. Most of them are facility failures caused by improper use of isolated personnel, which can be restored after telephone communication with maintenance personnel. Some of them are equipment failures, requiring maintenance personnel to enter the building for repair.Huang Koff, a staff member of the isolation point engineering maintenance group, said that problems like heating failure require staff to enter the isolation room for maintenance. In such cases, no one will consider themselves, and whoever is on duty will be the first to deal with them.Engineering maintenance group leader Ren Minxuan said. “our job is to make isolation researchers have sweet feeling of home here, although we do not direct docking isolation, but the feedback from the data, as well as from the short video or see their isolation WeChat group of daily, they have switched their panic anxiety, turned into relief moved up to now.As long as everyone can survive the quarantine, that’s enough for us.”From to “escape” to salute “to” leave the lovely person to ditch village isolated point because modification time is hasty, just stay in the first batch of isolation personnel, service and guarantee of individual details did not do perfect, so New Year’s day in the evening, about “to ditch” rushed into the hot search terms, overnight to ditch village of isolated points,Everyone was eagerly interested in what was going on inside.”When we look back on that period of time, we are actually more grateful and tolerant. We want to thank the isolated people for their understanding. After explanation, they can understand our initial difficulties.We also thank our staff for resisting the pressure from all aspects and adjusting the state as soon as possible to improve the guarantee work.And thanks to the tolerance of the outside world, we have never been able to grope our way forward.”Li Yaohua, director of xiangyanggou logistics support team office, was moved when he recalled his work at the quarantine point.On January 26, the special team of construction and logistics support in yanggou Isolation control zone received a banner, which was jointly sent by quarantined people who had been released from medical observation.Then we also through social platform to thank all of the logistics personnel high-profile, “a day of snacks, and every day at home I didn’t have the”, “I just want to say thank you for the government, thanks to the ditch every staff”, “comes with a bag, back when the hand carrying bags of things a lot more”, “I don’t want to leave to ditch”, “goodbye,”Thank you — the loveliest person in my life at this special time”…Because of a sudden outbreak of the epidemic, thousands of people who are not familiar with each other gathered together, in order to jointly prevent the further spread of the epidemic, do their own efforts to cooperate with the epidemic prevention work.Centralized quarantine, isolation from the start of the unrest, injustice, and even anger, inner struggle to escape, to unload the opposition between high core wall, slowly to the left of loathe to give up, it is because the got all security personnel meticulous respect and concern, the ice melts gradually, between the heart and the heart each other much a like the family’s understanding and support.Gong Weifang and Wang Jian, all media reporter of Xi ‘an Newspaper