If you want to chat secretly, what are the recommended chat apps?

2022-05-05 0 By

Secret chat, generally chat privacy requirements of the people must be considered.However, some domestic chat software in the relatively high popularity, the number of users of that kind of large chat software, because of the use of many people, it is impossible to private chat.To chat privately, some niche software can be considered.This software (see author) is a small, not well-known.The key is that the chat can be disguised and all parts of the chat can be encrypted, making it a good choice for private chat.Chatting doesn’t leave any privacy.If the surrounding environment is not private enough when chatting, when someone approaches, you just need to turn the mobile phone screen, and the mobile phone screen down can quickly hide the chat interface, such as games, world news and other disguised pages.It is impossible to tell what the person is doing.There is no need to worry that the chat will be discovered even if there is someone nearby. The system will hide the message of the chat.Outsiders can only see disguised phone system updates, live news feeds, and so on.The chat portal is so hidden that you have to enter a password at a specific portal to view real messages.If you want to avoid being caught chatting in private, you need to hide all the chat apps on your phone.Even if the phone is obtained by outsiders, it will not be discovered that there is a secret chat software on the phone.Users can change the chat software into a calculator, a word memorizer, an alarm clock, and an office software based on their own preferences.Moreover, different chat software can communicate with each other without barriers.