Fusui County deputy county magistrate Liang Shijun a party to chong Left fu sui power bureau to carry out Spring Festival condolences

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Visit the forum site.Huang Qianfeng taken on January 25th afternoon, fusui Liang Shijun, deputy head of a line to the southern power grid in guangxi chung left hand was power supply bureau for the Spring Festival to sympathy, give the agency security services to the local economic and social development fully affirmed and highly praised, and represents a fusui county committee county government holiday greetings to the agency all cadres of staff and their families, the New Year wish and the lofty respect.Symposium, publicizing the left hand was power supply bureau party committee secretary XuanMin report the working summary the bureau in 2021 and 2022 work plan, and said it will continue to improve the political stance, closely around fusui county committee county government all policy decisions, propulsion and lifted his power grid development, high quality one thousand ways to safeguard fusui major projects, key industries and social demand of the people’s livelihood,To provide strong power support for the economic and social development of Fusui.At the meeting, Liang Shijun gave recognition to the work of the bureau, and said that in the past year, Chongzufusui Power Supply Bureau has done a lot of fruitful work, so that high quality and reliable power supply has become the “habit” of the masses, which is not easy, is the most rare, but also the biggest achievement.We hope that the power supply Bureau will continue to do a good job in power grid construction, continue to provide high-quality power supply services, and promote the livelihood of fusui county and the win-win situation of enterprises.Xuan Min said chongzufusui power Supply Bureau would strive to provide more reliable, stable, economical and preferential power guarantee for fusui’s economic and social development and people’s production and life in 2022, making Fusui Committee and government rest assured and the people satisfied.Share and let more people see