Bank of China’s winter Olympics financial services have been praised

2022-05-05 0 By

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off on February 4.On January 27, the winter Olympic villages of the three divisions of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened, with athletes and team officials arriving in succession.As the Beijing Olympics and winter paralympic games the only partner Banks, bank of China in three division games village, main press center, zhangjiakou media and broadcast centre set up five temporary outlets in the local venues such as the equipment and four from the line self-help area, 28 kinds of foreign currency cash service, 24-hour self-service banking services, self-help foreign currency exchange services.Juan Antonio Samaranch jr., a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and chairman of the IOC coordination commission for the Beijing Winter Olympics, went to the bank of China branch in Beijing’s main media center on Jan 27 to apply for his personal credit card and other related services.Bank of China staff communicated with customers in English and Spanish throughout the whole process, and gave a comprehensive introduction to the functions and usage of bank of China credit cards.High quality, professional and efficient financial services won the young Samaranch high praise, he and bank of China staff cordially photo.On January 25, the Bank of China Beijing Winter (Paralympic) Village branch received a Portuguese customer who came to handle the excess purchase of foreign exchange and overseas telegraphic transfer.This is a complicated counter business, but it is not difficult to the experienced staff of boc. The professional winter Olympics service team has accumulated practice through systematic training in the early stage, daily repeated practice and summary and review after work, and has already developed excellent skills, which is enough to deal with it calmly.They successfully solved the business problem for the client.The next day, a Polish customer who wanted to settle foreign exchange in euro walked into the branch. After knowing the customer’s demand, the bank of China staff led the customer to the self-service machine for operation, and patiently and carefully provided guidance to help the customer to complete the business transaction quickly.Boc staff’s professional and efficient service has won high praise from customers again.10 minutes, fast and efficient!Flags flutter in yanqing village square at the foot of Xiaohaituo Mountain.Yanqing received the largest number of delegations among the three winter Olympics villages.On January 26, the bank of China yanqing Dongcun (Paralympic village) branch also welcomed its first business. The staff handled a cash settlement of 1,000 euros for a Customer from Monaco at the counter. The whole process took less than 10 minutes, and the “Bank of China speed” and thoughtful service greatly satisfied the customer.In the future, boc will welcome friends and guests from all over the world with more enthusiasm, more positive outlook and better service.