Some expressways in Shaanxi have been closed due to bad weather

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The reporter learned from shaanxi Traffic control Group that due to bad weather, as of 8 o ‘clock in the morning of February 17, some highway entrances in Shaanxi were closed.1. Entrance of all toll stations along yujing section of Baomao Expressway is closed.Jingfu section of Jujube Garden, fuxian west Yan ‘an to the north of The Sickle Bay between all toll station entrance closed, yan ‘an to jingbian east between the entrance of all toll stations prohibited buses with more than seven seats and dangerous chemical transport vehicles.West fu section huangling west, Yangquan, long Fong Toll Gate closed.2. The entrance of Dingbian toll station in Suiding section of Qingzhou-Yinchuan Expressway is closed. Buses with more than seven seats and hazardous chemical transport vehicles are prohibited from entering all toll stations between Yangqiao Bank and Zhuanjing.3. The entrance of the toll station on the whole Wuding Expressway line is closed.4. Buses with more than seven seats and dangerous chemical transport vehicles are forbidden to pass through the entrance of toll station of Yanzhiwu Expressway.5. All tollgate entrances between Ngau Ka Leung and Si Si Li Pu on Yuci section of Yulam Expressway are closed.6. Toll station entrance of Yushen Expressway is closed.7. Yulin East, Mahuangliang, Wangjia Bian toll station entrance of Yujia High speed closed, tongzhen, Jia County toll station entrance prohibited more than seven passenger cars and dangerous chemicals transport vehicles.8. All tollbooths on shenjiami Expressway are closed.9. Trucks and passenger cars with 5 axles or less are forbidden to pass through all toll stations on shenfu Expressway.10. Buses with more than seven seats and hazardous chemical transport vehicles are prohibited from passing at the entrance of Yan ‘an South, Nanniwan and Ganquan Toll Station in the west section of Yanxi Expressway.11. Shek Mun Toll Gate entrance of Tong Chun Expressway is closed.12. All entrance of toll stations between Xinglong and North Xunyi of Hamsun Expressway is closed. Vehicles heading for Xunyi direction are diverted from Xinglong toll station to get off the expressway.13. The entrance of Huayang Toll Station in the West Business section of Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway is closed.14. Section K588+600 to K635+768 of Bidirectional Tiantai Mountain service area of Baoji section of Yinkun Expressway shall be released intermittently, and the entrance of Baoji South Toll Station shall be closed.Road from Longxian Toll Station to Shanyu tunnel K501+845 to K470+000 in pingliang direction will be closed. All vehicles in Pingliang direction will leave the expressway from Longxian Toll Station, and all vehicles in Pingliang direction will be banned from entering Longxian Toll Station.Source: CCTV News client desk reporter: Yang Yongqing Chen Wu Editor: Yang Gang Responsible editor: Liu Yunpeng Review: Ma Jia Click below reply key words: Obtain xi ‘an motor vehicle restrictions arrangement reply key words:Shaanxi Broadcasting News has entered the following platforms, such as Douyin, Video, Kuaishou, Sina Weibo, Toutiao, Dragonfly FM, Penguin FM, Himalaya FM, etc