Qinghai Haixi fire rescue at night warm heart, Xinjiang people Thanksgiving brocade flag

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“What is the full name of your unit?Quick, hurry to tell me “, just out of the fire inspection back delingha city fire rescue brigade staff Li Bin received a inexplicable phone call, the phone is a stiff Mandarin, the tone is short, over and over again asked the full name of the unit.”Delingha Fire and Rescue Brigade.””Ok, thank you, thank you, goodbye.” Before He could ask more questions, the other end of the phone quickly thanked him and hung up. Although he was confused, he did not think much about it and went back to his busy work.On the second day, several Uyghur people from Xinjiang with a banner printed with “Love as deep as the sea for the people, save the people in the fire in thousands of years”, signed is “Xinjiang people salute” came to delingha Fire and Rescue brigade, excitedly shook the hands of Delingha Fire and rescue brigade fire staff Li Bin and Zhang Hong said:”Thank you for your quick response to save the lives of our families. Thank you for working day and night to make up for our loss. Thank you, loved ones.”Not long ago, Uncle Tursun Niazi from Hotan, Xinjiang, and his companion were driving a semi-trailer loaded with 32 tons of dried fruits near the Delinghatton toll station on the Cha-Germany Highway when the vehicle burst into flames and the cargo was instantly engulfed in flames.The local fire and rescue department immediately dispatched forces to the scene after receiving the alarm. After more than three hours of intense fighting, the fire at the scene was successfully put out.After the fire fighting, delingha city fire rescue brigade fire staff Li Bin and Zhang Hong learned that the owner of uncle Tursun Niyazi and his companion to delingha area language barrier, and had no friends, long stay has a lot of inconvenience, will also bring a certain burden for life.Regardless of the cold winter night, immediately into the tense fire scene investigation.After the preliminary inspection at the rescue site, in order not to affect the traffic, Li Bin and Zhang Hong contacted the relevant units to carry out the inspection of the car body in time, and also contacted the parking lot to park the accident vehicles for further inspection.When they learned that Uncle Tursun Niazi and his companions had not eaten for more than ten hours, they not only took them to dinner at the first time, but also arranged for their accommodation.Firemen carefully check in the subsequent fire accident investigation, considering the tuor quan uncle omar niyaz the property loss is bigger, li and zhang hong the overtime work continuously, regardless of the field ground smoke dust pollution, serious and responsible work of investigation, painstakingly busy back and forth many times in the scene of the fire, the fire investigation task, the fastest time issued by the fire accident.In addition, considering uncle Tursun Niazi’s difficulty in language communication, delingha Fire and rescue brigade actively contacted insurance companies in Xinjiang and Qinghai to discuss claims.Thus, uncle Tursun Niazi’s younger brother drove from Hotan, Xinjiang province, to present the pennant to the fire and rescue workers of the brigade.The fireman examined a flag carefully, a flag;An honor, but also a responsibility.This is not only the praise for the fire rescue work, but also the encouragement and spur for all the fire rescue personnel.The sign-off of “From Xinjiang People” is a tribute to the national unity of brotherly friendship and mutual assistance between the people of Qingqing and New Zealand. It also embodies the people’s sincere gratitude and sincere feelings for the fire and rescue teams.