Miracle!China women’s football team won the first World War

2022-05-04 0 By

So excited!!After trailing by two goals in the first half, China scored three goals in the second half to beat South Korea in 93rd minute stoppage time.Winning the Asian Cup after 16 years!China women’s football team lost to Vietnam in the first 10 minutes of the quarterfinal, but then they scored three goals in a row to eliminate Vietnam.Wang Shuang, Japan’s main striker, was absent for the semifinal against the defending champion.Falling behind twice, and coming back twice.The final penalty phase, withstand the pressure, eliminate the enemy!In the final, Korea was down 2-0 in the first half.However, The Chinese women’s football team staged a stunning comeback in the second half, first scored two goals in 4 minutes to equalize the score, and then scored the winning goal in 93rd minute stoppage time to beat South Korea!Although bumpy all the way, but dongshan will never give up easily!The light of China, the soul of China!I don’t know what words to express my excitement.Especially after the humiliating defeat of the men’s football team, the women’s football girl gave me a glimmer of confidence!I also saw a small detail, in the women’s football girl scored the goal, coach Shui Qingxia eyes with crystal clear tears, I think, this is the love of football!I love The Chinese women’s football team, because she teaches us: what is stubborn in the face of adversity, what is the persistence of honor, what is natural and unrestrained braving the wind and waves, what is the soul of perseverance!You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team, because they deserve our respect!Tonight, cheers for the Chinese women’s football team!Chinese women’s football team, god forever!!