From TP-link routing to using Xiaomi AX1800 for the first time, the stability and intellectualization are significantly improved

2022-05-04 0 By

In addition to the rapid iteration of smart phones, in fact, the pace of iteration of wireless routing is faster, and various types and functions of routing emerge in endlessly, so that consumers are dazzling to choose.The first time to use xiaomi’s router, upgrading from TP-Link to XIAOMI AX1800, I feel very good.I was amazed by its appearance. It is a vertical wireless router that is a work of art at home.Speaking of practicality, the configuration is also very simple, after resetting directly connected to the default WiFi ️ to configure.It supports WiFi 6, 2.4g and 5G dual-frequency. It is recommended to use 2.4g for daily use. Generally speaking, 2.4g is more stable and 5G is faster.Qualcomm 5 core feel performance can.Feature functions, I think there are two: the first is that it has two indicators, one is used to see the system running status, one is used to see whether the network is smooth, orange said abnormal ❌, blue said normal ✅.The second one is its App, which has powerful functions, including turning off the router’s indicator light to save electricity.It can also reboot the router periodically, ️ set it to reboot at around 3am to keep the router in optimum condition.It is also a router that supports OFDMA technology and has stronger reception capability.In addition, it supports multi-mesh networking and seamless signal access of large houses.Friends with CDH NAS wireless upload test.Millet 4A gigabit: 3M or so AX1800:30 ~ 50M or so now the route is of course can buy WiFi6 do not buy WiFi5.Of course, the price of about 300 yuan, for such a configuration is still ok, it can be used alone, Mesh networking is not broken.