The first tax bureau: “tax” to celebrate the Spring Festival calligraphy and painting

2022-05-03 0 By

The Spring Festival is approaching, in order to create tax “family culture” and create a festive atmosphere to welcome the Spring Festival and celebrate the festival, all the cadres of the first Tax Bureau have carried out a variety of themed entertainment activities, such as writing couplets, cutting window flowers and painting New Year pictures, to jointly welcome the coming Year of Yin and Tiger.Pen and ink fragrance, laughter lang Lang, cadres enthusiasm.”People’s livelihood prospect qianjun heavy tax administration new course Wanlichun” is their determination and confidence in the New Year’s tax work;”In the year of the Tiger, the whole situation is happy” is their New Year wishes to all colleagues of the branch.”Tax ‘tiger’ movement” is their best wishes to the taxpayers they serve, “Golden tiger, treasure and good luck in the Year of the Tiger”…In the New Year, they will forge ahead in the new era of the journey, strive to express the “tax” rhyme longma, raise the “tax” month ambition.The event will be the spirit of the Chinese excellent traditional culture and tax, the combination of both make cadres close feel the unique charm of the calligraphy and painting, experience the authentic traditional Chinese years, also in new vigor atmosphere, vientiane update, enhance team’s cohesion and centripetal force, the bureau has inspired branch of all cadres in a more full state of mind,In the New Year’s work to show the new atmosphere, new actions, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory held.