Nucleic acid testing for 4 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hohhot began at 15:00 on Monday

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From 11 o ‘clock on February 16 to 11 o ‘clock on February 17, Hohhot reported 4 new local confirmed COVID-19 cases and 10 new nucleic acid positive cases.Most of the confirmed cases were detected through screening among those who had managed close contacts or sub-close contacts.Since 23 o ‘clock on February 16, Yuquan District xianghe Yuan community, Yuquan District Kuntai community (three districts), Saihan District Yihe Jiayuan community adjustment for the middle risk area.Nucleic acid testing of personnel in key areas began at 1500 hours on 17 February.This is the information released by the 2022 Hohhot COVID-19 prevention and control press conference (the third session) at 12 o ‘clock on February 17.Hohhot has reported a total of seven local COVID-19 cases so far this year, including one in Xincheng District, two in Yuquan District, two in Saihan District, one in Tuzuo Banner and one in Wuchuan County.At present, all confirmed cases are being treated in isolation in the Fourth Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. After expert consultation, one case is an ordinary type and six cases are mild and their condition is stable.Up to 22:00 on February 16, the total number of close contacts in Hohhot has been 440 and 320. All control measures have been implemented, and the investigation, detection and tracing work is in progress.These communities are key areas for control. According to the COVID-19 prevention and control plan for communities by the Comprehensive Group of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council, building 2 of Xianghe Yuan, Building 3 of Kuntai Community (Area 3), Yuquan District, and Building 6 of Yihe Jiayuan, Saihan District are divided into closed control areas based on epidemiological investigation.The implementation of “regional closure, stay indoors, door-to-door service”;Yuquan District Xianghe Yuan community, Yuquan District Kuntai Community (three districts), Saihan District Yihe Jiayuan community is divided into control areas, the implementation of “people do not leave the area, no gathering”.Nucleic acid testing of people in key areas began at 15 am on February 17, according to a statement released by the expert group of epidemic prevention and control of The autonomous region and the municipal government. In order to effectively deal with the risk of the spread of the epidemic in Hohhot, the nucleic acid testing of people in key areas has been determined to cover the four districts of Hohhot, the whole wuchuan county and some regions of Tuzuo Banner.The city’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters decided to start the work at 15 o ‘clock on February 17.Source: Hohhot News