Manchester United VS Brighton premier League

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Yesterday’s serie A match between Spezia and Florence was also a success for us.Florence scored early in the first half, but we were nervous in the second as Spezia equalised after a shot on target and the suspense would have been over if Piatek had not been on target.Piatek at present, or can make up for the position of Vlahovic.Well, we continue today with a premier League match between Manchester City and Brighton.Home team: Manchester United are fifth on 40 points with 11 wins, seven draws and six losses after 24 league games.The early part of the season has been disappointing, partly because of soe’s inability to fit the united squad properly, but there have been changes since Rangnick took over, particularly in defence.They are just one point behind west Ham united with a game in hand and rangnick said in his pre-match press conference that he would be leading his side back into the top four.The defense has changed since the team’s early days, but lately someone has gone bad all the time, and yes, it’s Maguire, who seems to be adjusting to the human body for the first time.Defensive movements are not coordinated.This time back home united, or we are looking forward to.They have won six, drawn two and lost four at home, scoring 19 goals and conceding 16, and have been inconsistent defensively at home.There is often a drop of the ball.In terms of recent form, Manchester United have recently suffered three draws in a row and the team is in an awkward position.This game can be home to Brighton snipe, but also to see the team’s play up front.Visiting team: Brighton are ninth in the league with 33 points from their 23 games this season, winning 7, drawing 12 and losing 6.Overall the team’s performance has been good, in the past they have stayed in the relegation zone and then just scraped it out.It is worth noting that Brighton are the team with the most draws in the Premier League so far, and they are the masters of draws in the Premier League.And they have been strong against the big teams this season, picking up points against Liverpool and Chelsea.There is no psychological pressure on the big teams.And the team is better away than at home, so this game will certainly put united under some pressure.Conclusion: In terms of the recent form of both sides, Manchester United have won 2 and drawn 3 in their last 5 games, unbeaten in a row.Brighton, on the other hand, have won one, drawn three and lost one of their last five games.The two sides have also had an advantage in previous meetings.In the index, the initial sub-dish to Manchester United -1 in the low water, the city gradually adjusted to -0.75 in the high water.In the initial European games, the win and loss were adjusted from 1.5-4.5-5.75 to 1.73-3.75-4.75. Generally speaking, the confidence of Manchester United in the subsequent major markets declined.We’re going in the direction of the visiting team.Let negative, bold bo ping negative.Follow P to watch football and bring you game analysis every day!Please like and share your thoughts in the comments section!