Coat does not necessarily match skirt just good-looking, take these 4 pants, foreign style show thin, small people wear more beautiful

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What if you want to wear a coat but can’t find the right way to match it?Besides everyone coat matchs skirt, also can try the following four trousers, don’t be defined, is not bound, let you see new yourself ~ the most let a person can’t refuse is: the four kind of pants to match any a coat can wear out good effect, not only western style show thin, or as the little tailor, come and find you exclusive coat a stunning!>>Nine minutes of length is very friendly to any height, and the slim design will not be bloated at all. With the coat, it will not be messy and neat.Whether it is a long coat or a short coat, it can create a stunning fashion spark with the nine-minute slim pants.Slim pants can choose straight tube, smoke pipe, bell-bottom pants and so on according to their preferences.01. When choosing nine-minute slim pants, try to choose a stiff texture, too soft material will show fat.*02. When matching slim pants with a long coat, place the center of gravity and eye-catching design highlights on the chest or neck.Pair it with a short coat, perfect with a high-waisted line.*03. If you want to look slimmer with regular cropped pants, wear shoes that show a gap in width.*04. For short people, keep the color of cropped pants the same as the color of shoes, or keep the color of the whole inside to make them look taller.What little person could resist the perfect combination of a crisp coat that makes you look taller and slimmer?Dark jeans nine minutes pants collocation slim naked boots, just the length of the horn buckle coat literature and with a point of workplace people unique sense of ability, commuting can be leisure, too suitable for our urbanites!>>The length of the pant is around the knee and mid-thigh. The pant leg is usually loose and straight, which gives it a handsome look.If you’re pear-shaped, opt for a-shaped legs.A handsome and unique medium trousers with a coat, and directly on the street a plain collocation open the gap.The trend of fashion, personality suction eye, is the fashion trendsetting people’s necessary!01. The most suitable length range of medium leg pants is below the middle of the thigh and above the knee.Short or poorly proportioned girls try to opt for a high-waisted style.*02. Medium pants are more suitable to match with some coats with a sense of shape, especially the loose coat with a straight line design. It is more handsome to wear the coat in cool colors or neutral colors.Medium pants are suitable for materials with a certain hardness and thickness, such as leather, wool.Whole collocation had better choose the combination between onefold color piece.*04. Small people should pay attention to the choice of shoes when wearing medium trousers.Be sure to choose shoes that have a certain amount of sense, such as boots or ankle boots that have color echoes with local pieces.Low top shoes must be matched with the same color in the tube socks.Two sets of collocation although one is more handsome, one is more elegant, but the collocation idea is the same.The coat is very friendly for small people loose straight tube, exposing the high waist line, black medium trousers with the same color boots, simple single choice, wearing this medium trousers, no one is as fashionable as you!>>Bell-bottom pants have an elegant line that no other pants have, making our legs look long and curvy, and our whole body full of femininity, but not at all gaudy.With a crisp coat, it is a neutral wind and elegant collision, whether it is short coat neat, or long coat composed, can let you see an unexpected yourself ~(2) collocation skills at a glance *01.Pair flared trousers with a long coat to accentuate the high-waisted line, and pair with a short coat with pointy shoes or bare boots.*02. When choosing bell-bottom pants, people with fat lower body should try to choose the big horn design with loose knees to highlight the waist and hip curve in the collocation.Thigh thin, legs are not straight to choose the length of nine slim slim flared pants with small feet.*03. Because the design of bell bottoms itself is relatively slim, the choice of coat must be crisp, loose straight tube type is the best choice.*04. If the body lines are round, choose straight lines or geometric lines as much as possible in the selection of other accessories.Short flared trousers with elegant lines and English small leather shoes, elegant and sexy with a little nifty.The slim ankles reveal an evocative look, and when paired with a waist-tucked pale green tweed coat, a diminutive girl can be transformed into a woman.>Want to be more advanced have the texture: coat + wide leg hang down to feel the suit trousers (a) hang down to feel the advantage of the suit trousers for the pursuit of higher quality and quality of sisters, with the suit wide leg trousers with the coat is the best choice.Suit wide leg trousers elegant abstinence, formal sense with fashion and leisure elements, very changeable.The high texture fabric, elegant color and luster, and draping texture make the whole set impeccable in texture.01. Loose wide-leg suit pants have certain restrictions in the choice of shoes, try to choose a design with long uppers, such as open-toe high heels, naked boots, etc.Showing half or a third of the vamp in your outfit makes you look classy.If a shorter woman is wearing a long coat with wide-leg suit pants, make sure to wear the same color, drape suit pants, high-waisted line and pointy shoes.*03. Another tip for a petite girl: Keep your coat and wide-leg suit pants in the same color, and use a 37 or 46 percent ratio for the inside to accentuate the upper body.*04. Whether it is a long coat or a short coat, the design focus of the coat should be focused on the upper body. The simpler the wide-leg suit pants are, the stronger the sag feeling is, the better.Who said that the small girl can only play cute, go nifty wind, full of simple texture wind as long as find the right skills, we can still control.Wearing khaki wide-leg suit pants like this, using the sword of high-waisted line, wearing the same color as the coat, wearing high-daddy shoes and sunglasses, no one loves ~>>In pursuit of a sexy and feminine style, choose a coat with bell bottoms.Bell bottoms are more playful, while long ones are more elegant and composed.Pursue the most obvious show thin show high effect, choose slant slim stiff nine minutes pants.Must combine high waist line in collocation.Want to be different, individual trend, choose h type straight pants with a certain amount of feeling, with cold style or neutral wind coat.Harvest simple sense, that chooses neuter color to hang down the trousers of broad leg suit of feeling, the version of coat is more simple more can harvest temperament.* Conclusion The coat does not necessarily match the skirt to look good, can match the coat with pants to wear personality and fashion sense, is the real warrior.Do not match what lower outfit to look better for the coat again and worry, the 4 pants recommended above, close your eyes can let you very good-looking oh!