Are food additives the source of Cancer in China?Pick out four additives and limit exposure

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When it comes to cancer causes, diet often gets the most attention.Because food is the most important thing in the world, if you put something in your mouth that is not safe, it always makes you feel uneasy.More and more people find that the list of ingredients on the back of the food they buy is getting longer and longer.What you eat is food, or additives.Some even said they wondered if food additives were to blame for the high cancer rate.Are food additives the source of Cancer in China?In the continuous development of our society during this period of time, people’s eating habits have also changed a lot.Perhaps when it comes to pigment, a lot of people think it’s just bright color.But now a lot of people will think of pigments are chemical potions, will hurt the body, cancer, on the distance.And a certain food was exposed to add food additives, will also hide far away.In fact, people may be overreacting to food additives.It doesn’t have to be a monster.Food additives Yes, wrong Place Adding food additives to some foods can have preservative effects, prolong shelf life, add color, flavor, and alter food properties.But in the hands of some shady businesses, improper use of food additives can pose a threat to health.For example, the occurrence of toxic milk powder melamine incident.The substance itself is not allowed in the food industry, but when it is mistakenly added, it kills many people.In addition, the proper addition of food additives is actually for better taste or better effect.But overdoses can lead to elevated levels of chemicals left in food.A small amount of alum may be fine, but in pursuit of crispness, too much can leave more aluminum behind.Long – term eating such aluminum overstandard youtiao, more prone to cancer risk.Therefore, it is not necessary for people to stay away from food containing food additives.As long as it is through the national quality inspection can successfully enter the market of food, most are in line with safety standards.Take stock of 4 kinds of food additives. Not all of them are good, and some of them are easy to take in too much. Know them in time and avoid them as soon as possible.Nitrite: pickled food, processed meat and other foods may contain excessive nitrite. Although it can avoid food deterioration, it undeniably will bring health threats to human intestines and stomach and esophagus, and even increase the risk of cancer.Carrageenan: Ice cream, fake lamb rolls carrageenan is a kind of edible glue that makes food more elastic and sticky.But long-term use may affect mental development.For this reason, pregnant women are advised not to eat ice cream and fake mutton, fearing the impact on the fetus.Cyclamate: Sweet foods Cyclamate may be added as a flavoring agent in some sweet foods.A small amount of cyclamate produces dozens of times the sweetness of sucrose.But the substance can also irritate nerves in the brain and liver, which may increase the risk of disease over time.Potassium alum: when churros and churros are made, certain potassium alum will be added in order to produce a fluffy effect, which is also known as aluminum potassium sulfate.Long-term consumption of this substance may lead to excessive levels of aluminum in the human body, more prone to osteoporosis, anemia and other problems, and also affect the absorption of iron and other elements.In general, food additives do not affect health when used correctly.However, improper use and the behavior of shady traders may lead to people unknowingly ingesting too many food additives, which may indeed increase the risk of cancer. Avoid these 4 listed foods and avoid exposure to avoid harm.Reference materials: 1, 22 batches of unqualified food was notified: cyclamate, aluminum and other additives exceeded the standard.· China Economic Net ·2021-6-53, GB2760-2011 National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Standard [M].China Quality Inspection Publishing House, China Press.2011.