Yucheng: Send “blessing” to welcome the Spring Festival

2022-05-02 0 By

Send “blessing” door, welcome the New Year.Recently, Yucheng federation of literature, culture and tourism bureau and red flag community committee party building alliance into a total in the joint construction of the community, knock on the door to send “blessing” activities.City federation of literary and art chairman Li Junsheng, vice chairman Cui Zhufeng, city bureau of culture and Tourism party members, deputy director Liu Xiaojing, red flag community Party secretary Wang Jiadong, red flag community diet community joint branch committee secretary Zhang Zhihua and city hard brush calligrapher association chairman Zhou Xingyu to participate in this activity.The Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism have attached great importance to the construction of the red governance system in diversified urban communities, carried out “double reporting”, carried out epidemic prevention and control duty on time, visited the co-built communities for many times, and actively handled practical matters and solved problems for the community people.Due to the epidemic, unable to focus on sending “fu”, the Party building alliance to carry out knock on the door action, for the masses to send “fu” word and couplets nearly 50 pieces, timely understanding of the field personnel back yu situation, and actively carry out epidemic prevention knowledge propaganda, masks and other epidemic prevention supplies.Calligrapher’s “fu” and “couplets” show the care and blessing of the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art and the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism to the masses, making the community feel the strong flavor of the New Year and warm true feelings.