Wild speculations?A woman was charged 650 yuan for driving more than 20 kilometers

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Title: Surrogate driving more than 20 kilometers for 650 yuan, the woman was angry to get off with surrogate driver theory.People without honesty can not stand, honesty without faith is not strong.Integrity is a person’s moral character, is a person’s life, if the loss of integrity is equivalent to being abandoned by the society.During this period of Chinese New Year, people are busy for a whole year, looking forward to these days can have a good relax, go relatives go relatives, about friends about friends, travel to travel.But there are also a lot of people every day can not get together, when the party is also unavoidable to drink a cup of wine to enjoy, but if you drink too much is absolutely can not drive, when forced to choose to find a car, although the car is a little expensive, but it is safer than their own car.After drinking, the woman called for the driver, but she was killed.Recently, a woman who had been drinking at a Chinese New Year party called for a “black driver” to help her drive when she got home.The woman was so angry that she got out of the car and argued with the driver: “Ask your leader to call me. If it’s twice the price, it’s a” sky-high price.”You charge me 650 yuan for 40 kilometers. Is that ok with you?40 miles or I’m exaggerating, it’s only 20 miles, and now you’re hogging my car.At this point, the woman is recording the video said this sentence, and the proxy driver seems to feel wronged, hurriedly covered his face to the woman said: How to occupy your car, you give me the money, the proxy driver should give me.The woman say along the words of the driver: money I affirmation give, but 650 yuan I affirmation don’t give, you make a phone call now, if this 650 accord with the regulation of price bureau, even if higher than 2 times, I all give, this time generation drive a driver already sat not live, dejucked ground come down from the car: line, I get off.650 yuan driving fee? I dare to export it.The video ends there, and we’re not sure what happens next, but from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like the woman and the driver didn’t negotiate a price before they set off.Prices and labor costs have risen during the New Year. People could have a good rest at home during the New Year, but on the one hand, they could earn more in order to feed their families. On the other hand, they would rather go out to make money if they have nothing to do during the New Year.At this time we go out to eat, taxi, buy New Year’s goods or at home to call the cost of take-out are a little more expensive than usual, but this for the Chinese New Year also out of the hard work of the people, a little more reasonable.”The customer is god, but the customer is not stupid.”The distance of more than 20 kilometers is usually about 100 to 200. During the Spring Festival, it is totally understandable for you to say that the price is 20-30 percent higher if it is a little expensive, but if it is 650, it is a bit deceiving consumers.This woman drives a BMW. She is a businessman and speaks very hard.Maybe they didn’t negotiate the price with the proxy driver in advance, so the proxy driver took the opportunity to charge excessive prices during the Chinese New Year. Although WE don’t know how the price was proposed, we still need to know whether the proxy driver is a member of the proxy driver company or his own private shield.It is reasonable for a woman to question the cost of surrogate driving, which can be regarded as safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers. However, the surrogate driver cannot provide specific consumption data, so he is the one in the wrong, and the woman can refuse to pay the fee.Between person and person’s integrity is very important, big New Year run itself is not easy to live, want to earn more is human, but even so, also can’t completely regardless of the market, follow one’s inclinations of his offer, so in the end let oneself to crop failures will not only hurt the heart of the customer now belong to the network era, people met unfair affair will shoot video posted online,After all, most Internet users are reasonable, and it’s best for them to judge right and wrong.