One pass, one shot, one red!Angels and demons reappeared as four new signings helped Barcelona win 4-2 at Atletico Madrid to return to the Champions League

2022-05-02 0 By

With messi Barcelona, that I have ever seen that ruled Spain red and blue, Barcelona and atletico Madrid, but in the west yet 23 round, our long lost again see angels and demons, a radical decision to the players, but this person is not messi, but in the game with receiving a shot a red card, a 38-year-old veteran alves.In the match, atletico Madrid opened the scoring with an assist from Luis Suarez and carrasco.However, in such a game, the goal can be a moment, less than three minutes later, Barcelona veteran Alves through alba’s goal, quickly equalized the score.It is worth mentioning that it was alves’ third assist since his return and his 100th assist for Barcelona, finally reaching the milestone after many years.After that, however, Barcelona returned to the top, scoring two more goals late in the first half to build a two-goal lead.Alves, 38, added another goal in the second half to extend the lead to 4-1.In less than 70 minutes, the 38-year-old alves made an angelic presence with a goal and an assist.Just when we thought this was the end of the game, Alves’ evil character came online.With a big lead, Alves accidentally stepped on the shin of an opponent in a scramble for the ball and was sent off by the referee.However, with more than 20 minutes to play, Barcelona were left with a man down.That’s why, down to a man, Barcelona conceded a goal from Luis Suarez to make it 4-2, and there was no guarantee that the score would be rewritten or even reversed.Remarkably, Suarez did not choose to celebrate the goal because it was once his home.Barcelona for the game, played one of the most wonderful games all season, four new signings alves, phelan torres, Mr Traore and Pierre aubameyang all, the top three or starting line-up, a total of 2 assists and one for the team goal, helping the team to a great extent improve the dilemma of offense constipation.In general, Barcelona’s four signings in the winter window have been very successful and are now a must for Barcelona to qualify for the Champions League.After a six-point win over Atletico Madrid, Barcelona overcame atletico by 38 points to get back into the Champions League, almost completing their campaign target and perhaps giving fans a glimpse of the Europa League title to look forward to.