No fear of the sky, four even Yang!Can the strong market continue?

2022-05-02 0 By

Shanghai index four even Yang, again to 3500 points near, only a little, a high open can be realized, last weekend, the expected market to rebound, whether it is new energy, medical treatment, semiconductor, electric power, resource stocks……This is not the technical analysis, but the mood, the stock speculation this thing, is to fry the mood, the thing has passed, we review the mood of the last weekend, Orchid sister medical treatment has become a target, many well-known private funds are facing the liquidation test, the market is a sing empty.Shanghai index four even Yang, this is an objective fact, at the same time, affected by the bearish U.S. stocks are mainly down, 5 trading days, closed 4 negative line.Four even Yang!Can the strong market continue?Four even Yang is the outcome, the need to repeat, just know why rise?If your expectations are inconsistent with the market over the weekend, you need to find out why. If they are, you also need to review the market, verify the process, which logic it is, optimize and strengthen your trading system.Every time I made a mistake, I would reflect on it for a long time. Just like during the Spring Festival, when everyone forgot about the stock market, I kept reflecting on myself.Finally understand, my expectation is wrong, ignored the market funds, as well as the situation of fund issuance, wrong prediction, trading system inside the operation is effective, want to understand, after a few days of relief, optimistic about the market after the festival.I don’t blame my failure on bad news or on the market.Because the news affects only the short term, other people’s views are only, the market should fall, the news is only accelerated, rather than a decisive factor.But why is the market so strong?Very simple, before the festival of empty capital, has been watching the market, the trading day after the festival, has been around 900 billion, the market is cold, the main force can not be shipped in this position, but also can not hit back to 3300 points, pick them up.Then, can continue to rise, until the chase into the market, volume, will end.The market is so entangled in the shock, wobbly to go up, carefully reset, this rise, the big financial hit plate, liquor performance is flat, only resource stocks performance is ok, this rise, the risk is very low.I never worry about the stock market crash, because there is no general rise in the market, there will not be a general fall, the market has always been full of opportunities, or rotation of the market, blindly bearish, blindly bullish is not rational, the market in the past two years is very good grasp, rise more will fall, fall more will rise, each time 200~300 points space, very regular.To sum up: not A shares become strong, but the backbone of the market, now the position is not high, can be pulled at any time, the index in this position, is certainly underestimated!Short-term gains can be expected, but do a good job of position management.The final summary of the future is predictable, but waiting for us is unknown, in the end is to learn the mature market, the index to stay weak, the fundamentals of excellent constantly rising, the rest of the fall into marginal stocks, the index toward 10000 points efforts.Or sideways shocks, repeated speculation in the market?But, the worst outcome, is a sideways shock, theoretically as long as there is no crash, there is no possibility of loss in the future, because the worst outcome is no rise, but you can get dividends, as well as band income.Every day, every article, adhere to the original first opinion, everyone’s likes, favorites, appreciation, attention is the biggest support for me……Investment has a risk, enter the market need caution!