Network Spring Festival Gala of meta-universe + Artistic Light Brigade enabling barracks

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Soldiers and civilians to holidays that absorbs a total reunion “gala” barracks network on the forms of innovation ideas delicate and exquisite production as the dear old chief, soldiers, military families and the people of the whole country to build up strong sent his heart full of festival warm spring atmosphere ZhuFuYuan universe + literary QingQiDui exploration practice effectively spread the barracks culture strong patriotic support for atmosphere with cutting-edge technologyThe art means and sincere expression of the content has been recognized by the officers and soldiers and netizens throughout the network praise,Responded enthusiastically you have said “bums” “didn’t see enough” “simple and touching” two party fusion of literary QingQiDui art professional advantage and the military network platform technology advantage based on the new era of the new campaign focus to serve the motherland, for grassroots service, service for officers and soldiers “gala” barracks network under the background of it is in this critical ones,Become the new army media “top stream” harvest playback volume so far more than 1100 ten thousand times tech-oriented topic reading quantity exceeds 200 million times around the Spring Festival eve with excellent literary works condensed Chinese army volunteers two heart, national soul, “gala” barracks network busy up “warsong winter jasmine – 2022 Spring Festival gala” literary QingQiDui network is given priority to with professional literary QingQiDui ChuangYan focus on ideasSex and artistic quality “gala” 2022 yuan universe barracks network is given priority to with grassroots units collection works and venue communications focus militancy and interaction with the rhythm of the cheerful movement blown fluttering red satin “warsong chun – 2022 Spring Festival gala” literary QingQiDui network on December 18 first begin accurate program planning carefully program production present a wonderful showCreative audio-visual feast,The “2022 Yuancosmic Military Camp Network Spring Festival Gala” has arrived on the first day of the Lunar New Year as promised, touching the pulse of science and technology with innovative practices and cutting-edge technologies that break the limits of time and spaceBlack science and technology bring new feelings “gala” barracks network widespread market offer elements of science and technology the new form of “yuan universe +” is a work provides a new platform on new kinetic art QingQiDui originality and grass-roots troops solicitation select programme through the “yuan universe” virtual stage and users can also pass officers and men on parallel longitudinal space from the southwestern coastline of the temple from the top of the plateau to the forestSea snow across latitude, immersive experience of interaction of the arrival of the Spring Festival more new media platform to “@ Chinese soldiers” military activities for traction handed out 800 tickets and invite the shenzhou number twelve flight crew “bayi medal winner wang gang” hero “mine” Du Fuguo YingMo characters such as wu, liu ye, shaw, Huang Jingyu military theme films starring sometimes with friendsWe gather together in the meta-universe,Together to play the chrono stage yuan space the exhibition venue on both sides of the avenue of stars to the Chinese military network “classical military lens 2021” winning entries for entire collection of literature and art show, blessing short netizens can be seated in the audience can be connected to the “people” social function can also chat interaction within the venue free walk to play their favorite shows the call in yuan flat universe”High degree of freedom” in the row space is a highlight each participant can make real-time editing and changes to the virtual world if you like you can on the stage of yuan universe gala trumpeting lead people dance yuan also launched the first virtual universe hall military anchor small jin space hero Yang liwei, hand in hand with the speech recognition, a fusion AI holographic semantic analysisImaging and other technology of H5 products Yang Liwei chat with you interactive take you through challenges customized your exclusive astronaut photos atmosphere pull fullBingWei festival atmosphere all influenced by war “to officers and soldiers from the officers and soldiers to” network gala from all the troops of the army collected more than 50 allegro drama “the gobi grit, excellent programs around for his real to play for the recruits test group singing” blown sand “sing the gobi desert in training officers and soldiers’ fight fearless xinjiang regional literary QingQiDui adaptation of the song” the youth “pure and fresh and free from vulgarity air force cadet original MV”Soaring” secondary yuan rap rap experience another fight passion dance full of tension, spatio-temporal crisscross of light and shadow dance movie “dear mom” will wei – hero mother by his son’s care and don’t give up incisively and vividly displayed with large word “war” raised by pounding on the drum hammer roaring brought passion as before and after the player’s arm of the war drums to rushZheng “simple smile handsome posture into the forefront of the performance of the packaging won a large number of netizens praise have been concerned about comments to express the people’s army of love and respect focus on war preparationWanli hotel loyalty “gala” barracks network programs focus on preparing for war on main responsibility is mainly touch the basic-level military training life most real corner expressed a line of officers and soldiers patriotic dedication the feelings of the most simple Chinese group 8, juba in south Sudan peacekeeping infantry battalion reporters take you into the peacekeeping troops overseas 40 years Chinese navyThe escort taskforce has just completed its rotation task and set sail for the Gulf of Aden. The officers and soldiers expressed their missing for their loved ones and expressed “Stick to the front line of escort,Fulfill the mission of the escort mission “bear gambara hero from the world’s tallest man accused of radar station air force radar station to the top of the snowy mountains in Tibet military area command GangBa camp from xisha stationed in the south China sea reef a maritime garrison command to put the New Year the first ray of sunshine to meet very east into the motherland bolshoy ussuriysky island outpost interaction field officers and men on fighting positions report to people all over the country and country and my people, please rest assured” defendThe clanging oath of “strong army” echoed in the world for a long time. The programs that could not be selected for the Spring Festival Gala stage could be displayed in the parallel space of the meta-universe, which greatly improved the degree of participation and the sense of audience. The enthusiasm of the officers and soldiers was highPassion to create many closely related to the good work of the era theme trigger empathy resonance mutual draw out of the army the concentric circles of the two party cohesion in the service of officers and men at the same time, it will open a door for the majority of netizens military culture of Windows “yuan + literary QingQiDui universe” new pattern of social broad attention and high praise netizens have comments express ideas