Biden was surprised when China announced a list of 32 international dignitaries to visit Beijing

2022-05-02 0 By

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is about to open, and athletes from all over the world are coming here.The United States and its Western Allies had been trying to disrupt the games, but the ploy failed miserably.Recently, China released a list of international political leaders, which attracted wide attention from around the world.China recently released a list of international political leaders.The presidents of Russia, Egypt, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Serbia, five Central Asian countries and the International Olympic Committee are among 32 international dignitaries on the list.All our “good friends” are here to support China.Perusing this list of international dignitaries, one cannot help but marvel at how much Influence China has.The Japanese government would be outraged if the list were compared to the previous east Asian Games in Japan.Not one of the five central Asian leaders is absent from the list.Given the recent border conflict between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, the fact that the leaders of the two countries are attending the Beijing Olympics is a measure of How much Influence China has in central Asia.The presence of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, three of the region’s major oil producers, reflects China’s growing influence in the region.The UAE’s refusal to buy FIGHTER jets from the U.S. in order to use China’s 5G technology shows China’s attraction to countries in the Middle East.The United States and its Western Allies had vowed not to send any officials to the Games.Still, there are two Western countries on the list of international dignitaries, with Luxembourg and Poland both attending the Beijing Games as heads of state.From this, it is easy to see that not all western countries are willing to blindly follow the footsteps of the United States.The US is an “egoist” through and through, willing to sacrifice the interests of its Allies in order to safeguard its own interests.The alliance between Europe and America, which looks impregnable, is in fact riddled with holes.Of these western powers, one is the most vulnerable: France.France was the first major western country to establish diplomatic ties with China. At that time, French President Charles de Gaulle had always wanted to promote the progress of China-France relations.Until now, France’s relations with China have remained stable, and there has been a rift between France and the United States.If you want to break through the European Union’s defences, France is the obvious place to start.