Torchbearer Ding Ning: to be selected as the torchbearer of the Winter Olympic Games is both an affirmation and a supreme honor

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On February 4, the torch relay for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was carried through the Summer Palace. Ding Ning, the world champion of table tennis, was the first leg of the relay.Ding, who is also a volunteer ambassador for the Beijing Winter Olympics, started her master’s degree at the Department of Physical Education of Peking University in September last year.After four months at Peking University, Ding ning gained a lot and had a new identity.She became a member of the new Beijing Youth Federation, served as vice president, and was named Peking University’s 2021 Student of the Year.In an interview with the Beijing News, Ding said that being selected as a torchbearer is an affirmation and a great honor.On the morning of February 4, the torch relay in the Summer Palace, Ding Ning served as the first leg of the torch relay station.Beijing News: How do you feel when you learn that you have been selected to carry the torch for the Beijing Winter Olympics?Ding Ning: TO be selected as the torchbearer of the Winter Olympics, I think it is an affirmation of myself.It is also a great honor for me to carry the Olympic torch.The Olympic torch relay is a very important part of the Olympic Games.The Olympic torch relay activities, is in the dissemination of the Olympic spirit, the message of friendship, peace.In the process of the Olympic torch relay, I hope I can reflect such a state well.Beijing News: What preparations did you make before participating in the torch relay?Ding Ning: After I learned that I was selected as a torchbearer, I have been making active preparations according to relevant requirements, including taking good measures to prevent and control the epidemic, learning about the torch in advance, and matters needing attention during the relay.Beijing News: What’s your life like after retirement?How did you learn when you entered school?Ding Ning: After I announced my retirement in September last year, I immediately started my study in Peking University. Now it is the winter vacation, and I have been busy in school for some time.Entering the school, is also into a new environment, know new classmates, new teachers, oneself are constantly adapt to, adjust and learn.Relatively speaking, in the school every day course is not particularly onerous, a bit does not adapt the schedule has some adjustment, is like early lesson begins at 8 o ‘clock, morning gets up at six o ‘clock five prepared, I was in the early days of the athletes, the experience may at 5 o ‘clock in the morning doing drill in childhood, and early to rise makes a man wants relatively a few less over the years.But I still feel very good, the experience including the process of learning new things in the classroom, I feel very happy.In addition, I may have more practical experience in the past, but now I hope to learn more theoretical knowledge.I also got along well with my classmates. At the beginning of the semester and the end of the semester, we also held some themed parties and sharing meetings, which were all brand-new feelings and made me gain a lot.Beijing News: How do you feel about being selected as Peking University’s 2021 Student of the Year?Ding Ning: Being included in this list, I think, is a kind of love and affirmation for me. On the one hand, I feel very happy. On the other hand, DURING the process of being included, I also met many outstanding young people from different departments and disciplines.Because everyone has something to learn from and learn from.Although my classmates may be much younger than me in age, I think they are all very talented.The first torchbearer Ding Ning and the second torchbearer Sa Beining hand in hand greeting.Beijing News: Many of your classmates volunteered for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In what way will you participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games?Ding Ning: My participation in the torch relay is the same as my classmates participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics in a different way.Just a few days ago, I came back to school and had a lot of exchanges with Peking University students who are going to participate in the Winter Olympics volunteers.We were in the Peking University Gymnasium, the main table tennis arena for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.That year, I watched the game from the stands.When I stood on the stand and saw the five-starred red flag being raised, the whole audience stood up and sang the national anthem, I felt very proud as a Chinese at that moment.I shared this experience with my classmates, and told them that I hope this Trip to the Olympic Games will be a particularly important memory in their lives, and let them feel the Olympic spirit, the spirit of sports and the charm.At the same time, this spirit can give their study or work, life, bring a kind of strength.Beijing News: The Winter Olympics is coming soon. Do you have any sports or athletes that you follow?What would you like to say to them?Ding Ning: My father used to be a speed skater, so I pay more attention to some sports on the ice.I don’t follow any individual athlete, but I think it’s not easy for every athlete to prepare for four years.For every athlete, the Winter Olympics is the highest temple of dreams.It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not only for Chinese athletes, but also for athletes all over the world that the Olympic Winter Games can be held as scheduled without failing or missing the efforts of every athlete.So I hope every one of them can live up to their own efforts, and also live up to the expectations of the people.Winning a gold medal in the competition is certainly our goal, or we chase one of our dreams.But more importantly, for the athletes themselves, I still hope that they can try their best to improve their lives on such a stage.At the same time, I hope they can play their best in the events they participate in and enjoy the competition.Ding Ning is a main player of The Chinese Women’s Table tennis Team.She began to practice table tennis in 1996. She was selected to the national Youth team in 2003 and the national First team in 2005.Ding won her first career world title in 2009.In May 2011, Ding Ning won the gold medal of women’s singles at the Rotterdam World Table Tennis Championships, becoming the 13th winner of the Ji Geist Cup in The history of China Ping.In 2012 London Olympic Games together with Li Xiaoxia and Guo Yue won the gold medal in women’s table tennis team event.On August 11, 2016, she won gold medal of Women’s Table Tennis singles at The Rio Olympic Games.On June 29, 2017, he was elected as a deputy of Beijing to the 19th CPC National Congress.On September 6, the same year, she won the gold medal of women’s table tennis singles in the 13th National Games.Since then, Ding Ning has become the sixth Chinese table Tennis player who has won the Olympic Games, The World Table Tennis Championships, the World Cup and the National Games.In December 2017, she was selected as the best Female Athlete of China’s Top Ten Laureus Champion Award.Ding Ning announced her retirement on September 6, 2021.Beijing News reporter Chen Lin photojournalist Li Muyi editor Wu Tingting proofreader Zhang Yanjun Chen Diyan