Tao Te Ching: Doing nothing is to eliminate your own inner desires and make your words and deeds conform to the laws of nature

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Laozi’s thoughts are broad and profound. Although there are only five thousand words, they are all-embracing and ambitious.Almost every chapter in Tao Te Ching emphasizes the importance of inaction, but it is difficult to get a unified understanding of inaction by later generations.The various behavior of the daodejing, and yi jing stated regularity are closely related, stressed, is to tell people, in the process of all kinds of transaction processing, we will strictly follow the “book of changes” recorded in the relevant things action regularity and the method, not violating these rules, that is nothing, if the violation of these rules, which is promising.The Tao by Lao-tzu actually refers to all the laws of things contained in the Book of Changes. These laws clearly explain in detail the various ways to deal with different things, how to do and how not to do, all illustrated with real cases.What should be done is “Tao can” and what should not be done is “Tao not”. Everything has the duality of how to do and what not to do, how to do, so as to achieve the goal smoothly.Not knowing what to do in order to avoid the results that do not conform to expectations.This is the eternal essence in dealing with various things, and is called “constant Tao” or “constant Tao” in the Tao Te Ching.Therefore, Lao Zi said, “Tao can be, Tao cannot be, and Tao can always be.”Later generations have broken this sentence into “Dao can dao, very (constant) Dao also”, turning the original clear meaning into vague, making people understand that “Dao” itself is something unexplainable and unclear.However, the Tao Te Ching clearly requires people to act in accordance with laws, while the BOOK of Changes is clearly a clear record of various laws. This kind of self-ambiguous understanding obviously goes against the original intention of the Tao te Ching, and this kind of understanding is also divorced from the purpose of “doing nothing”.The idea of doing nothing can be understood in many ways.My understanding is not to do things that are meaningless or thankless.If you simply understand why not.You didn’t starve yourself to death, then suffocate yourself in shit.The most important meaning of inaction is not forced.Don’t reveal your intentions too much when the time is not ripe.Especially those with aggressive intent.Wait patiently until the time is right to kill.Inaction is a state of mind, a kind of cultivation, is dialectical.Promoting inaction to the society is conducive to the stability of the country, but if we stand at the height of historical development, one-sided inaction is not conducive to the progress of human beings, so the contemporary young people should take a dialectical approach to understand the ancient inaction theory, and treat it in two aspects, “then the good ones should be followed, and the bad ones should be changed.And the idea of doing nothing in the view of people, is tolerant of people.”The sea runs into hundreds of rivers, and there is a height of tolerance and a precipice.In fact, its connotation and extension are more like “Tao”.To do nothing is to eliminate one’s own inner desires, keep the principles of nature and eliminate human desires, and make one’s words and deeds conform to natural laws, physiological laws and social rules.To do nothing is to “do justice to heaven”, to constantly explore and approach the real “Tao” and make it the most powerful ideological weapon and guiding program.Inaction is not passive escape, but the original back to the source, return to the original mind.Is a kind of “frequently wipe” to eliminate false and retain the truth of the advanced choice.Inaction is not lofty, cold and clean, but with the rest of the world, holiness outside the king, inward cultivation of the heart, outward life.And be honest and honest.A story goes that Lao-Tzu and his disciples passed through a forest where hundreds of carpenters were cutting wood to build a great palace.So the whole forest was nearly cut down, but only one tree stood there, a great and leafy tree — big enough for ten thousand men to sit under.Laotse sent his disciple to ask why this tree was left when the whole forest was cut down.The disciples went to the carpenters and asked, “Why don’t you cut down this tree?”The carpenter said, “This tree is completely useless.You can’t make anything with it because every branch of it has a knot.None of them are straight.You can’t make a pillar out of it.You can’t make furniture out of it.You can’t use it as fuel, because the smoke is bad for your eyes — you can blind them.This tree is completely useless.That’s why.”They came back.Lao Tzu smiled and said, “Be like this tree.If you want to live in this world, you must be like this tree — it is useless.So no one can hurt you.If you were straight, you would be cut down, you would become furniture in someone’s house;If you are beautiful, you will be sold in the market, you will become a commodity.It’s no use trying to be like this tree.So no one can hurt you.You will grow very, very tall, and thousands of people will shade under you.”Lao Tzu passed through a town.All the young men in the town were conscripted into the army.They met a hunchbacked man.Laotse said, “Go over there and ask why this man was left behind.Why didn’t he join the army?”The hunchback said, “How can I be a soldier?You see, I have a hunchback.I’m useless.”The disciples came back.Lao Tzu said, “Remember, be like this hunchback.Then you will not be conscripted to kill or be killed.Be useless.”I have a logic totally different from yours.”Be the last one,” he said.Move in the world as if you were not moving.Remain unknown.Don’t try to be the first, or you’ll get thrown off.Don’t be competitive and don’t try to prove your worth.You don’t have to do that.Be useless and enjoy it.”He is certainly not practical.But if you can understand him, you will find that at a deeper level, at a deeper level, he is most practical — because life is to be enjoyed and celebrated, not to be a function.Life is more like a poem than any commodity on the market;It should be like a poem, a song, a dance, or a flower by the side of the road, blooming, no special person, fragrant, without any goals, not doing anything special, just enjoying yourself and being yourself.In short, “doing nothing” means not doing anything that goes against the laws of nature, damages moral norms, violates social laws and harms all living beings.However, “wu wei” here is not to do nothing, not not to do, but to not do anything wrong, not disorderly, conform to the objective situation, respect the law of nature.Lao Tzu once said, “Do nothing and do nothing”, which means: if you do nothing, you can do nothing.Here, “wu Wei” is a kind of attitude and method to conduct oneself in the world, “wu Wei” refers to the effect produced by not doing anything rashly.Lao-tzu once said, “If we do nothing, we will do everything.” This means that if we treat our social life with an attitude of “doing nothing”, nothing can be done or done badly.Therefore, the “doing nothing” laozi said is not passive waiting or doing nothing, but “doing nothing”, “doing without relying on”, “doing without arguing”, that is, “doing nothing” attitude to “do”, to play the subjective initiative of people.Comply with the law, respect the facts, with a detached attitude, do not toss, do not recklessly, do not interfere, do not do something.In modern parlance, a nation will be on the road to a peaceful and prosperous world as long as it resolutely implements quiet politics.If people behave and do things according to the principle of “doing nothing”, instead of acting according to their own desires and will, the human heart will not be confused, the society will not be confused, the world will be peaceful from now on, and people will be able to live happily and enjoy themselves.Lao-tzu said: If you try to be very smart, if you try to be very useful, you will be used.If you try to be very practical, you will be taken advantage of here and there, for the world cannot leave a practical man alone.Lao Tzu said: Put down all these ideas.If you want to be a poem, an ecstasy, then you forget function.You have to be honest with yourself.Be yourself.Hippies have a motto: Do your thing.I was the world’s first hippie.He said: Just be yourself, do your thing and leave everything else alone.You’re not here for sale.Therefore think not of work, but of thy joy.Rejoice, and if something flows out of your joy, that’s fine — share it.But don’t force yourself to be just a function, because that’s how suicide happens.A man is killing himself.Don’t kill yourself.All the teachers in the world are more practical than Laozi, so they have more appeal.So they have powerful organizations: Christians — almost half the world has become Christian — Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs — they’re all utilitarians.Lao Tzu stood alone and calm.I stand in an independent existence.Yet Lao Tzu is rare and unique.If you can understand him, you can be rare, you can be unique.His method was to be ordinary — so you become extraordinary;His method was to be at the bottom, and then suddenly you find yourself at the top;His method is to take no claim, no credit, so that no one can take it away from you;His method is to exist as nothing, as an insignificant person, and then, in a subtle and mysterious way, you, and you alone, become somebody — somebody who makes the whole existence feel blessed, blessed, celebrated with the whole existence.Therefore, “doing nothing” is the highest state of Tao Te Ching. To read Tao te Ching, one must first understand the concept of “doing nothing”.Predecessors interpreted “doing nothing” as meaning “not doing anything wrong” and “intervening less”. Although it could not be said wrong, it failed to be simple.The true meaning of inaction is much deeper than we imagine.