Sun Haiyang took the family back home for the New Year, Liu Xuezhou’s parents are suspected of abandonment, contrast to look at the method of happiness

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What are people looking for in their whole life, and why are they rushing about in their short life?The ultimate goal is to reunite the whole family, to be parents and children in a warm family circle, to enjoy a beautiful life without the pain of separation and death.Family love, perfect beauty and comfort are the ultimate pursuit.From the two piles of events can see the meaning of perfection, the meaning of reunion, the meaning of affection.You can see the best of human nature, and you can see the worst of human nature.Old year and New Year docking time, the focus of the family events have two things, one is sun Haiyang after the success of the son of happiness, one thing Liu Xuezhou after the success of the tragic family.The contrast between the two things is too strong, I have to say it especially, in order to find something from it, avoid a pit, hide from disaster.The story of happiness must start from Sun Haiyang, because a family’s happiness or not, the parental responsibility is divided into two, of which the father should take two-thirds.So much for being the head of the family.Sun Haiyang is the template of married men, have responsibility, have a sense of responsibility, have a heart, have feelings.After fourteen years of searching for a son, business has not been abandoned, family has not abandoned, filial piety has not been abandoned.Unable to find their son, they dare not celebrate the New Year, endure the pain to attend friends’ and children’s birthday parties, but tell their wife and children to eat, to take responsibility, to be strong, to support their own home, to believe that they will find their child.Later, as we all know, he did.On January 24, 2022, Sun Haiyang drove to Jianli, Hubei province, with his daughter, son, wife and five members of his family, driving for more than 10 hours to reunite with his parents and relatives and celebrate the New Year with them in a real sense.He wants to find a big table for his extended family of twenty or so to celebrate the New Year.Sun Haiyang’s mother, who had knelt on the street in the hope of finding out the whereabouts of Sun Zhuo, prepared early, dried the bedding, bought cotton slippers for her three children, prepared snacks for her daughter-in-law, and waited for them to return.The reunion of the Sun family, is sun Haiyang wind in the rain, rushing about in the dead and alive, and hardships to adhere to and management.He wants the happiness, wants the reunion, he is working hard to go together.Late at night, more than four million net users follow Sun Haiyang from Shenzhen home for the Spring Festival, why?To feel happy.Even if it is the happiness of others, but also willing to feel.Everyone knows that reunion and happiness is what kind of taste, is more pleasant experience, so willing to pay attention to.At the same time, Liu Xuezhou died, liu Xuezhou family experience what?His grandmother, who had raised him, was crying bitterly. As the Chinese New Year approached, her precious grandson committed suicide because he was looking for his relatives.And liu Xuezhou does not have what affection affection of birth parents experience what?Liu Xuezhou was looking for his parents with expectations, and was abandoned two times soon after the adoption of relatives, coupled with network violence, overwhelmed, but also despair, choose to commit suicide.According to the lawyer analysis, Liu Xuezhou’s parents are likely to be suspected of the crime of abandonment and prosecution.What is the cause of this tragedy?From liu Xuezhou’s live broadcast can be found.Liu Xuezhou will be close father close mother’s living conditions called dog blood, especially the father’s marriage more dog blood: there is a section of arranged marriage, divorce after remarriage, after remarriage by Liu Xuezhou mother insert three marriage, three marriage and the fourth marriage insert divorce.In the process of divorce and remarriage, Liu Xuezhou has many half-brothers and sisters.Can a man take Liu Xuezhou seriously after four marriages and multiple children?The father of liu Xuezhou’s mother just and Liu Xuezhou is together, ask for bride price to sell Liu Xuezhou to change money because of maiden home again, can she have feeling to Liu Xuezhou?Happiness and reunion can be hard, like Sun Haiyang, with responsibility and bear efforts.Misery and dog blood is also self-inflicted, like Liu Xuezhou’s biological parents.Liu Xuezhou is the end result of his parents’ careless marriage, innocent and pitiful.And because of his departure, the former couple will face eventual prosecution.Two events, two outcomes, how to live, what to do, how clear.