Proud Djokovic, is to continue your proud, or lower your high head

2022-05-01 0 By

Has long been djokovic’s maverick junichirokoizumi, indulgence unruly, Bohemian style, not federer’s elegant and smooth, no nadal show humility steady wind, the arrogant personality, make his ambition zhang completely show in front of the world, humorous style, and won a large number of fans love.The great passion and desire for his career has made him a great success. The world No. 1, 20 Grand Slams and the longest ranking in the world have also become his proud capital.But entering the new 2022 season, the Australian Open dealt him a blow.He was expelled from Australia after being granted a medical exemption because he insisted on avoiding the coronavirus vaccine, missing out on the chance to defend his Australian Open title, allowing Nadal to surpass him in winning 21 titles, and facing a possible three-year ban from Australia.In fact, his arrogance paid a high price at the 2019 US Open when he hit a linesman with a ball and lost a US Open title.It gave him a reputation as an away player all over the world for a while, but he silenced the crowd with his arrogance and his desire to win game after game.But now, the French Open officials have also issued a vaccine policy, do not take the vaccine will not be eligible for the French Open, the plan to catch Nadal will be much bigger.Djokovic, is to continue your arrogance, no vaccine, or lower your head, vaccine to qualify for the tournament, and Nadal to continue to compete?