“I Want to Go to your world and Love You” is released today, Zhou Still shi Baiyu “pull full sense of ceremony”

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Editor bao Wenxian “Really want to go to your world love you” released today by Sun Lin directed, Zhou still, Shi Baiyu starring the film “Really want to go to your world love you” in today’s national release, the film in the previous rounds of points in the harvest of high reputation, cat eye points 9.4 points.As the “best romantic movie to start the year” of 2022, I Want to Go to Your World and Love You is the perfect choice for many couples on Valentine’s Day.The movie “Really want to go to your world to love you” “Really want to go to your world to love you” told the story of the domestic architect assistant Easy (Zhou is still acted the role of) and far in Germany’s tune division high (Shi Baiyu is acted the role of), because of an accident brainwave linked to get synesthesia skills, unknown 2 people became a pair of joy enemies,In the collision of “understanding” and “love” finally realize that the other side is the most understand their other half sweet love story.Zhou is still in the film Zhou is still and Shi Baiyu’s space sweet interaction, sometimes funny, sometimes warm heart heal, let the audience straight call “I also want to have such skills with my partner”!With valentine’s Day coming, the movie “I Want to Go to your World and Love You” has become the first choice of many couples for its light atmosphere.Shi Baiyu in the movie activities held before the release, Zhou Still shi Baiyu surprise appearance incarnation of love koi, for the scene of couples to send flowers and blessings, for the preparation of the confession of the girl recorded chasing love ID.When some audience members suggested that they were in a long-distance relationship and could not watch the movie with their loved ones, Zhou and Shi offered to provide machine wine so that they could watch the movie together.In addition to the assist, the two of them not only shared candy during the movie, but also had a tacit understanding during the interaction. Many viewers were saying, “I really want CP to be so high!””Be zhou still and shi Baiyu’s love show arrived”!In addition to the relaxed and joyful atmosphere inside and outside the film, fantasy elements have also become an important reason to attract the audience. Behind the special setting is the importance of “cherish the one who understands you”.By big emotional tragedy in love movie content domination, through “synaesthesia” fantasy film set to enhance the comedy immersive experience, but also to love the real sample and background are discussed in this paper, let the audience in the process of viewing both to feel sweet feeling, “valentine’s day” again after watching a warm smile at one another with people around you.The movie “I Really want to go to your world and love You” was produced by Dinosaur Film, Maoyan Film and Yingmei Media, jointly produced by Joy Sparrow Film, China Record Group, Volcano Picture, Oriental Chenxiang and Poplar Culture, and distributed by China Film Co., LTD and Tianjin Maoyan Micro film Culture Media Co., LTD.February 14, 2022, with a movie to tell the people you love: I want to go to your world love you!China Film Annual Report (2021) Annual data Events Key words Tribute centennial of the founding of the Party Rural public benefit projection actor Production schedule Distribution cinemas regional co-production Go out ratings streaming media international market MORE© China Film News original article without permission