Women must not watch this drama, easy to beat her husband after watching

2022-04-30 0 By

It’s been a long time since A TV show made me feel “fist hard” and “heartbroken” just by watching the trailer!I’m talking about this show, Our Marriage.”Why don’t you put yourself in my shoes and put yourself in my shoes?” any woman who has had any experience with a man will probably be familiar with these lines.Anyway, my first reaction was: Isn’t that something my husband says eight times a day?I’m starting to have PTSD, okay?!How about this one?Are working mothers impressed?Anyway, I’m in deep sympathy!Think of those day to go to work at night coax baby, from dawn to dusk when the “cow” but also by all kinds of abandoned days, is really a bitter tears!Worst of all, your suffering is unappreciated, unappreciated, as if it’s something women are made to do?Every time at this point, there is only one OS in mind: So, what do men think at these times?That’s about it: these are lines from the upcoming TV series Our Marriage, which will be released on Tencent Video on Feb 23.This drama by Bai Baihe, Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin lead street starring, high ye, Wang Xiao and other special actors.Marriage and love, career and family, dream and reality…These are the hardest questions of our time, and no one has a standard answer.But that doesn’t stop us from thinking hard and actively working toward a better direction.