The highest reward is 30 million yuan henan heavy fund to promote the technological transformation and upgrading of enterprises

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The reporter learns on February 9, in henan province government general office recently issued a “about to carry out the enterprise technical innovation promotion action implementation opinion” to promote the development of manufacturing high quality (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”), by strengthening policy support and elements of security, the implementation of high-end, intelligent, green, and transform and upgrade of service projects, vigorously promote enterprise in henan province to raise the level of technological transformation,We will foster new drivers of growth and provide strong support for developing China into an advanced manufacturing province.The Opinions clarify relevant subsidy and reward policies.Where the investment in equipment and software of a demonstration project for technological transformation (high-end transformation, intelligent transformation, and green transformation) is not less than 10 million yuan, the subsidy shall not exceed 30% of the actual investment, and the subsidy amount shall not exceed 10 million yuan.The maximum subsidy for key technological renovation projects carried out by “Head Goose” enterprises will be raised to no more than 20 million yuan.In the promotion of new products, for the first (set) major technical equipment insurance products identified by the province, the actual insurance rate shall not exceed 3% and 80% of the actual annual premium expenditure shall be subsidized, the longest period of time shall not exceed 3 years.For the first edition of software products recognized by the province, premium subsidies shall be provided according to the actual premium rate not exceeding 3% and 80% of the actual annual premium expenditure, with the longest period not exceeding one year.In terms of platform construction, we will focus on supporting the construction of manufacturing innovation centers, industrial Internet platforms, and public service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises.Provincial manufacturing innovation centers will be subsidized in the way of supporting project construction, with the maximum amount of subsidy not exceeding 5 million yuan. Those who are promoted to national manufacturing innovation centers will be given a one-time reward of 30 million yuan.The industrial Internet platforms of industrial clusters and specific fields and subsectors identified by the province will be awarded 5 million yuan.To obtain or Ministry of Industry and Information Technology under the State Council of the national green plant, green supply chain management enterprise, national industrial design center, national technology innovation demonstration enterprises, the national quality standard, manufacturing single champion, national industrial Internet, big data fields such as industry development, service-oriented manufacturing pilot demonstration or title of the enterprise (project, platform),A one-time reward of 1 million yuan will be given.The relevant person in charge of the provincial Department of industry and Information technology said that the hope is that through these support policies to guide enterprises to increase investment in technological transformation, to continue to the high-end transformation.By 2025, the growth rate of investment in technological upgrading will increase by an annual average of more than 20%, and the proportion of investment in technological upgrading in industrial investment will significantly increase.We developed and built 30 new platforms and demonstrations, and promoted 100 new technologies and 300 new products. The integrated development index of industrialization and industrialization reached 62, and the readiness rate of smart manufacturing reached 13 percent.The decrease of energy consumption and emission reduction in the manufacturing industry was higher than the average level of the province, which promoted the technological transformation level of the province’s industrial enterprises to become the first phalanx in China.Source: Henan Daily Editor: CAI Xiaoyu