The annual income tax settlement service will be upgraded from March 2021

2022-04-30 0 By

March 1 is approaching, it is the individual income tax settlement season, many taxpayers are ready to handle the last year’s individual income tax comprehensive income settlement.Recently, the State Administration of Taxation issued the Notice on The Matters concerning the Settlement and Payment of Individual Income Tax in 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), specifying that the period for the settlement of individual income tax in 2021 is from March 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022.During the period, taxpayers need to handle the annual tax declaration to the tax authorities, calculate the annual personal income tax payable, combined with the annual tax has been paid in advance “more refund less compensation”.Which resident taxpayers need to handle the annual settlement?This includes the need to pay taxes and the need to refund two cases.Generally speaking, as long as taxpayer at ordinary times already paid tax in advance and annual should tax amount inconsistent, need to deal with annual settlement.In order to effectively reduce the burden of taxpayers and continuously release the reform dividend, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation have made it clear that the policy of exemption from annual settlement can continue to be applied to some middle and low income taxpayers who need to pay tax from 2021 to 2023.What are the optimized service measures for the annual income tax calculation?At present, mobile personal income tax APP has become the main channel for taxpayers to handle the annual settlement, said a person in charge of the State Administration of Taxation.This year, the APP functions are further optimized: optimize the item pre-filling service of return form — for taxpayers who choose to apply blank return form to declare comprehensive income, the blank form filling interface provides taxpayers with the function to use the item pre-filling service of return form again to better meet the needs of taxpayers.Optimize the way of filling in social insurance premiums — For taxpayers who have flexible employment and pay social insurance by themselves, the option of filling in social insurance premiums by quarter or year will be added to make it more convenient for taxpayers to add social insurance premiums, combining with the different payment situations in some regions by month, quarter or year.Optimize and add prompt reminder — add more service prompt reminder to help taxpayers conveniently handle annual settlement;Risk reminders will be given to taxpayers who report reduced income or increased deduction, tax-free income or tax reduction, to remind them to truthfully declare tax according to law, so as to reduce the chance of taxpayers filling in wrong forms.In order to guide taxpayers to handle the annual settlement reasonably and orderly, and improve taxpayers’ experience in handling the settlement, the competent tax authorities will notify and remind taxpayers to handle the settlement in a certain period of time by installments.It is reported that this year, the tax department launched the annual preliminary calculation of the appointment to handle tax function, March 1-15 period of taxpayers who have the need to handle tax, can log in the mobile phone personal income tax APP from February 16 to make an appointment for any day of the period.Make an appointment to handle tax to be limited to March 1 to 15 days, after peak period, taxpayer can deal with annual settlement at any time in annual settlement period.At the same time, the “first violation of impunity” system further consolidated.”Notice” clearly continue to implement the “first violation of the first penalty” provisions of annual settlement: taxpayers when handling annual settlement, filling in the wrong declaration information resulting in the annual settlement of overrefund or underpayment of tax, the taxpayer initiative or after the tax authorities remind timely correction, tax authorities can be in accordance with the principle of “first violation of no penalty” exemption.In addition, this year’s individual income tax settlement also provides personalized annual settlement services for the elderly, mobility inconvenience and other special groups.For elderly taxpayers need to deal with the annual income, the tax authorities personal income tax in addition to the above mobile phone APP, return item pre-filled, prompt remind services such as, will also be in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control conditions, provide tax consulting and business guidance, assist to handle all the comprehensive “one-stop” services, and to establish a “green channel”,Shorten waiting and processing times for the elderly.(Source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition)