Leshan, Sichuan: Guancun community, Yonghe Town, Jinkouhe District, and a pair of supporting units serve the people and do practical things

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In order to further practice “I do practical things for the masses” activities, passing the love of helping in the community, Leshan Jinhong State-owned Assets Investment (Group) Co., LTD., Yonghe Town Guancun community and helping unit, Leshan City Jinkou River District, is the heart of the community, anxious for the masses, think what the masses think.Recently, leshan jin hong state-owned assets investment (group) co., LTD in officer Zheng Shouqing, first secretary of the village community into the districts in the old neighborhood yard tour visit, understand the eight pipes siltation, poor drainage, causing a layer of residents damp in the home, the rain water seepage problem, and caused the security hidden danger, after understanding the situation, he will record the mood diary.Yonghe town, village community on the positive discussion research to solve the problem, immediately in coordination, and support units in leshan jin hong state-owned assets investment (group) co., LTD., coordinating negotiations, by the support unit of leshan jinkouhe jin hong company organize engineering field view, raised more than twenty thousand yuan, hardening of the pavement, standardizes the green belt,Solve the replacement of sewage manhole cover 5, to ensure the safety of the whole building residents at night.”The community and community support units have hardened the road surface for us, solving the problem of people traveling at night, so that people can live more assured and go out more conveniently.”Looking at the clean road, the residents of the 8th building said that it was safe and thanked the community and its assistance agencies for their consideration of the residents.Zheng Shouqing on-the-spot investigation, first secretary of the reform of the eight, drainage and sewage of 8 in “the double ninth festival”, yonghe town, village community and leshan jin hong state-owned assets investment (group) co., LTD. Jointly organized the “chongyang warmth of activity”, the campaign visits condolences to participate in three lines of the construction of the eight old man, for the old people send a holiday blessing and gifts.During the first secretary Zheng Shouqing said in his speech: “It is the first time to participate in such an activity, I feel very honored and happy, and I hope all the old comrades have a happy and happy under the premise of paying attention to safety.” After the activity, they also took pictures together.Zheng Shouqing, First Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, took part in the “Double Ninth Festival” activity to send Warmth to the elderly who participated in the Construction of the Third Line.In yonghe town, village community support county leaders hong-bing qin, leshan jin hong state-owned assets investment (group) co., LTD., chairman of Cao Shizhong Zheng Shouqing line, first secretary of the, in the community and village community cadres visits condolences of the “two committees” Korean soldiers, help family difficulty, low and severely disabled residents, supplies sent to rice, oil, milk and so on, in the talk to be caring and attentive,Send to care, a thick hometown!Special support object Wang Zezhou sick elderly Hu Lianfang community volunteers Li Ransheng elderly Su Zhongquan soldiers to fight against the United States and aid Korea, elderly Zhang Enmin visited the condolence, Qin Hongbing stressed: the people’s yearning for a better life is the goal of our work.All community workers should focus on the problems that the people are most concerned about and look forward to solving, do good work, implement the policy of poverty alleviation and assistance, increase assistance to the people in need, and do a good job of condolence.Since the yonghe town, village community and leshan jin hong state-owned assets investment (group) co., LTD., since its support, continue to strengthen the construction of service capability, actively carry out various forms of convenient service activities, always will be “for people” in the first place, “insisted the row MinYou, XieMin difficult, people trapped work as the first priority, work out things for the people, do good things, do the practical work.(Huang Lei, Liu Dun-Chong, Chen Jiacai)