Is Musk wrong?He got into big trouble when he compared Trudeau to Hitler

2022-04-30 0 By

Malsk has always had a lot going for it, but lately it’s in big trouble.He sparked controversy by criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla, has caused a storm of public opinion by speaking out on social media, the Global Times reported on February 18, citing Reuters.As it happened, Musk expressed support for the Canadian Freedom Caravan protesters while condemning the Canadian government’s suppression of the group, and later posted a photo of Hitler with the caption: “Don’t compare me to Justin Trudeau. I have a budget.”Musk’s move immediately attracted a violent attack from various forces.The Auschwitz Concentration Camp museum issued a statement that it “disrespects the memory of all the victims and hurts many people”, the American Jewish Committee ordered it to apologize immediately, and a large number of Netizens in western countries also criticized Musk.For a moment, Musk was caught in the eye of the storm.Was Musk wrong when he compared Trudeau to Hitler?One of the most prominent labels of Hitler is genocide. Before and during World War II, Nazi Germany led by Hitler carried out a mass murder spree against European Jews, killing an estimated 6 million people according to conservative statistics.The genocide in Canada was just as heinous and lasted much longer than Hitler’s.For such a human tragedy, the Trudeau government has repeatedly covered up, and this crime back to bite other countries.Starting in the 1830s, around the time of the Daoguang reign of the Qing Dynasty, the Canadian government had a black hand on the country’s indigenous people.In order to cut off the offspring of aborigines, numerous so-called “boarding schools” were set up. Then, in the name of “civilization transformation”, aborigine children and teenagers were forcibly taken from their families of origin, locked up in schools, and subjected to appalling abuse such as starvation, sexual assault and corporal punishment.In the “school” in the name of the caves, poor helpless children died in droves.It is worth mentioning that this dark “school” was not demolished until 1996, when there were very few Indigenous people left.All told, the tragedy lasted more than 130 years.More than 750 unmarked graves filled with piles of children’s remains were discovered in Canada last summer, with the largest containing 215 bodies.When the tragedy came to light, Trudeau said a few pale words of “apology” in front of the media, then turned around and joined the Biden administration in attacking China with “human rights” rumors.Last year, Trudeau publicly hurled insults at China more than once, saying that Canada would work with “international Allies” to find “clear answers” and hold China to “bear the ‘possible consequences’ of xinjiang-related actions.”This shows that the truth about Canada’s own genocide has been exposed in the sun. Trudeau has never made a deep reflection on it, but has pointed the finger at China and made a big lie about a non-existent issue.Although the Trudeau government has not personally killed Aboriginal children in Canada, the fact that it discredits other countries while ignoring its own crimes shows that it has a visceral acceptance of such genocide, and is therefore no different from Hitler in nature.Mr Musk, who is hardly a paragon of morality himself, has been outspoken and pleased to reveal Mr Trudeau’s true nature.