How to keep vegetables fresher in the fridge?After two steps, it will be fresh for more than 20 days

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At ordinary times, we often encounter too many vegetables to eat in a short time and they rot in the refrigerator.In a variety of vegetables, especially spinach, lettuce, cilantro and other leafy vegetables are the most likely to be bad, or storage time a little long to lose water wilting and lose the original delicious taste.During the Chinese New Year, due to the centralized purchase of goods before the festival is more, it is more prone to vegetable rot and waste.How can vegetables stay fresh longer in or out of the fridge?Let’s start by figuring out why vegetables rot.Why do refrigerators keep vegetables fresh?The reason why refrigerator can keep vegetables fresh is that in a relatively low temperature range without causing frostbite of vegetables (generally about 5℃), the intensity of respiration of vegetable cells will be kept at a low level, and the nutrients consumed through respiration will be reduced accordingly in a certain period of time.Their nutrients and flavor will be preserved for a longer period of time (the leaves of vegetables will turn yellow for a long time, due to the reduction of organic nutrients stored by respiration).At the same time, in a relatively low temperature environment, vegetables own existence of some bacteria because of lower temperature and less likely to be fruitful, in addition, under the condition of weak cell respiration, the humidity in the vegetable storage environment also lower (weak, respiration respiration produce water vapor will be reduced correspondingly), but also not conducive to the breeding of bacteria.Therefore, storing vegetables in the refrigerator can keep the freshness of vegetables for a longer time and has higher nutritional value and taste.Why is stored in the refrigerator vegetable wilting even though broken refrigerator can extend the time for the determination of the freshness of vegetables remain but also to have certain time range, and, in the process of refrigerator for vegetables often appear blade wilting and edible value lower status, some consumers worry about vegetable leaf wilting will use convenience bag to package,But this storage will find that vegetables wrapped in plastic bags are easy to rot, why is this?Although the leaf respiration is weakened at relatively low temperatures, the cellular activity is still there, and it will still breathe at a relatively low frequency. Similar to human respiration, vegetable respiration also needs to produce water vapor, so the vegetable will gradually lose water and wilt (but at a slower rate than at room temperature).Understand this, it is easy to understand why wrapped in convenience bag of vegetables are prone to rotten, the reason is that leaf water vapor cell respiration will continue to accumulate in convenient bag, resulting in a small scale air humidity is bigger, high relative humidity and air environment, for vegetables to turn around and carries the germ of breeding to create conditions,Thus accelerating vegetable decay (higher temperature, greater relative humidity are causes of accelerated decay).Knowing what’s causing vegetables to wilt or rot in the refrigerator leads to a better way to keep them fresh. In two steps:Removing diseased spots and even rotting leaves from vegetables before putting them in the fridge will reduce the amount of germs they carry, which in turn reduces the chance of spoilage in the first place.In addition, if the vegetables themselves have water or moisture is larger, to spread the vegetables first wet, for some vegetables with wounds, to wait for the wound part no longer seepage water beads to put in the refrigerator.The second step, is also the most crucial step, it is in the refrigerator vegetable, can’t use little permeability of bags and other plastic products for a package, but also have to package, otherwise is not easy to rot, but easy to water loss wilting, the best way is to use a certain absorbent paper, paper to wrap, such as that on the one hand, through the paper to absorb moisture,It can reduce the accumulation of moisture in the small environment, on the other hand, it will not wither in a short time because of the low humidity of the environment.According to the above method, vegetables stored for more than 20 days, except for the outer leaves will have a certain wilting, the inner vegetables will remain as fresh as new.Also, what if you don’t have enough space in your fridge?There is, but it works better in the colder north.First step with the above, there is no change, the second step is to thick vegetable neatly packed cartons (various express with carton), then the cross, overlapping, but pay attention to put good vegetables after box placed in a relatively low temperature and not frozen one with a rear view on the windowsill or on the floor, if it is geothermal must not be close to the ground.The author has tested the above two ways, except for the upper part of a small amount of wilting, storage for three weeks can still keep fresh: the following is the author’s storage of vegetables for 20 days (refrigerator does not fit, installed in a paper case on the shady side of the windowsill), we have a look at the effect:Top with a paper shell to cover the outermost leaves with a little wilting spinach remains bright green coriander and spinach, no rot and wilting phenomenon near pat