Hebei 1 to the latest notice: all nucleic acid, traffic control!

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On the early morning of February 5, a returnee from Binhai New Area in Tianjin was found to have abnormal nucleic acid test results, and various emergency prevention and control measures were taken immediately.Under the guidance of provincial and municipal experts, after the nucleic acid test of the city and county recheck, all test results are negative.In the future, Raoyang County will further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control measures, strict control of people coming to and returning to ensure the health and safety of people in the county.We urge the general public to strictly fulfill their personal responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, do not believe or spread rumors, earnestly abide by all regulations on epidemic prevention and control, actively cooperate with the implementation of all prevention and control measures, and jointly build a solid safety barrier for epidemic prevention and control.Raoyang, Hengshui: Nucleic acid test for all staff in the county will be launched at 7:00 on 6th February. The Office of the Command for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus pneumonia in Raoyang County, Hengshui announced on 5th February that nucleic acid test for all staff in the county will be launched at 7:00 on 6th February.According to the circular, the leading group for COVID-19 prevention and control in Raoyang County has decided to start nucleic acid testing for all members of the county at 7:00 am on February 6, 2022.1. All personnel in Raoyang County shall undergo nucleic acid testing and screening.2. In order to ensure full coverage of nucleic acid testing in the county without omission, reduce personnel flow, and concentrate on nucleic acid testing for all personnel, traffic control will be implemented at all entrances and exits from 6 o ‘clock on February 6.Three, please the general residents must be in accordance with the community (village) grid member inform of the time, place, carry id carry account page (no id), wearing masks, on time to sample point for nucleic acid detection, must according to the on-site staff to guide orderly queue, strictly keep 1 meter above safe distance, don’t jump the queue, no talking, no.If they fail to attend the nucleic acid test on time or obey the command of grid operators and field workers, they will pursue their responsibilities according to different circumstances and circumstances.While waiting for the nucleic acid test results, residents are requested to stay at home consciously and refrain from going out or gathering unless necessary.For the health and safety of you and the people of the county, please cooperate actively to jointly complete the nucleic acid testing work.The inconvenience that brings from this, hope broad dweller masses give understanding.Source: JISHI client process editor: TF060