Feng Gong is a unique funny master in crosstalk

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In 2022, Feng gong didn’t appear on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, instead he chose the Beijing CCTV Spring Festival Gala.In Beijing SATELLITE TV spring evening, Feng Gong partner Jia Xuming, Hou Linlin, Wang Tongtong, to a group crosstalk, crosstalk called “happy together”.How to evaluate the cross talk?”Happy Reunion” around the theme of the film and television series and the film circle, a gathering of homophone jokes, the audience is familiar with the name of the film and television series and famous actors, crosstalk mentioned actors, some of them sitting in the audience, such as Shen Teng, Ma Li, Song Xiaobao and others.Should say, cross talk laugh point, worthy of the stage to their applause, because it is quite coke.However, the cross talk is not aggressive, there is no irony, except for the people on stage, everything is harmonious.However, returning to his best crosstalk, Feng is full of vigor and vitality, unlike his skits in previous years.In between, we saw him at his best.Anyway, it’s a cross talk that makes you laugh and then forget about it.This is a qualified group crosstalk, but not a classic work, a bit like the encore said the short paragraph, test is the stage basic skills.If there’s one thing we can remember about this crosstalk, it’s Feng gong’s iconic voice and unique stage style.This style is not tired of, after all, Feng Gong is a rare crosstalk field straight master, some things he can easily, freely.The above is my personal evaluation of “Gather Together”, and it is purely a family statement.Perhaps some people will be curious, in “Get together”, Feng Gong teacher positioning seems to be funny, how to mention his funny level?Feng’s biggest characteristic is that he is straight. No matter he stands on the right or left, his reaction is still that of a straight crosstalk actor.However, his jokes are distinctive, as he controls the stage and then inspires the joneses’ potential.Do not believe that we can review his Spring Festival gala crosstalk road.Feng first appeared on the Spring Festival Gala in 1986 with Liu Wei in a crosstalk performance called “Year of the Tiger,” and they have been remembered by audiences ever since.In 1987, his partner was Liu Wei, and the two collaborated in the crosstalk film “Coincidence to The Film Union”.This cross talk, similar to his spring Evening show “Get Together” on Beijing SATELLITE TV this year, is about events in the film and television industry.However, feng gong’s best performance in 1987 was not in “Coincidence to The Film Association”, but in “Five Senses For Merit” led by Ma Ji.This is a classic group crosstalk, ma Ji with a group of disciples dedicated an extremely wonderful performance.When we see “Together”, we can see the combination of “Coincidence” and “Five Senses for Kung Fu”.This is a bit of a refry suspect, however, Feng Gong’s performance very well inherited the horse season of the mantle, but also took out their own characteristics.Back to his partnership with Liu Wei, in 1988, he collaborated with Liu Wei and Niu Zhenhua in the crosstalk “Blame for Perfection”.At that time, the cooperation between Feng Gong and Liu Wei guaranteed the quality of the program.Later, he cooperated with Liu Wei less, Feng Gong’s reputation is still the same, but Liu Wei is not as good as the previous cooperation period.During the 1989 Spring Festival Gala, Feng gong and Niu Niu teamed up for a crosstalk “Birthday Speech,” which started their decade-long glory days.Later, however, niu Niu left Feng Gong, and the glory days were over.Like Liu wei, Niu Niu left Feng Gong, and his crosstalk career gradually declined.Only Feng Gong, still standing in the Spring Festival Gala stage.After the two partners left, his show became a sketch, with classic funny moments that are hard to see on stage again.But one thing is for sure: Feng is unique in the field of cross-talk and straight jokes, always making his partners’ performances better, just like the supporting characters in Stephen Chow’s films.This is thanks to his unique voice and the funny way he uses funny jokes.When Feng Gong is performing, he seldom has that kind of brief talk. He can always extend what his partner says, and then cooperate with his own unique voice and body movements to make the program more exciting.This is difficult for other straight actors to imitate, which is a classic Feng’s signature.In recent years, Feng Gong has also grown old, and sometimes we can find a kind of fatigue in him.Otherwise, his wonderful performance on CCTV Spring Night would have continued, instead of being a mere plaything on local SATELLITE TV.However, we can not be demanding what, as long as the classic Feng’s signboard is still there, can make us smile, this is enough.