Fall in love with a person who is destined to be unable to be together, can not put down, forget

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Between earthly world, there is a kind of love, it is the wrong love life actually, love very much love, but destined this life cannot go together, can look at far only, think, read, looking forward to, can not put, forget not to drop, let love decadent, let the spirit be tortured, bitter and helpless only oneself know.Fall in love with a person, always be carried away by the feelings of the head, or even a moth to the fire, can keep sober and rational in love few people, how many men, a anger for beauty, sad lover;How many spoony girl, crazy around life, just waiting for one person.It is difficult to fall in love with someone, it is even harder to let go of a love, and it is even more difficult to forget someone. Because of the beauty of love, no one is willing to let go, but if you don’t let go, what can you do?Struggling in the swamp of love and not love, in a dilemma;Entangled in put and do not give up, in a dilemma, a lot of helpless, do not know where to go, no regrets to pay, tore heart crack lung to torture.Love, don’t tangle is right or wrong, don’t ask is rob or fate.In this life, meet with who, is rob is fate, there is no much meaning, the things to, after all, can not hide, should not come to the things do their best to get.Fall in love with a person, is destined in a life, no matter right or wrong, are doomed, is a lifetime only beautiful fate, sometimes, love is a dream to go, is a heart has no place to put helpless.Love comes, don’t ask is rob is fate, is right is wrong, go is the traveler in our life, took away the deepest feeling in our life, the longest thoughts, we can only that deepest regret, buried in the bottom of my heart, the rest of my life no longer mention;Leave, whether it is love and not love, the next life will not see, this life will cherish with love to accompany, with a truly perfect.Life, to is the edge, go is also the edge, the edge of deep not scattered, shallow fate, those who say good to go for a lifetime, in imperceptible in completely lost;Those who love to be dead and alive love, in gradually go gradually far did not have a trace of warmth, because, in this world, there is no constant promise, all of the time can not escape the ravages, love is very love, but doomed to love life, leaving a lifetime of thoughts and regret.Meet is fate, whether it is fate, but also fate without share, love, don’t ask the outcome, not investigate the past, don’t ask the future, just tightly embrace the present.Fate is doomed, love has responsibility and bear, doomed to become a lover, it must know how to control.If you fall in love with a person who can never be together, no matter for what reason, please don’t try hard to pay, don’t insist, put down stubborn, want to open, also want to open, the stop must stop, so as not to bring more and greater harm to yourself.In our life, there will always be a period of unsuitable love, want to love, but can not love, want to let go, but can not let go, want to forget and forget;Fate this thing, can’t see, can’t touch, but not with our will to shift, not what we want to be how, love, not who we love, can love, not love each other will be able to lean on each other, not necessarily forever together.Some people, in order to love all the throw, heart out, everything, and finally lost to love, but also lost in a mess;Love, is never a person’s love, but the willingness of two people, IS I love you, you love me.In life, not all love is worth insisting on, and not all love can be justified. Some feelings look beautiful and moving, but can not stand the scrutiny of time, can not stand the test of secular life, one day he will let you hardly wish to live.In love, some meet is the gift of fate, and some meet you need to pay a heavy price, but it is a mirror, empty joy, but sad.It is difficult to fall in love with a person, it is more difficult to put down a feeling, it is lucky to have, remember to make yourself happy!Life is an unexpected encounter, and long-planned parting, all experience is a process, bitter, sweet, love, hate, hurt, pain, in fact, are the result.Love, some people, want to stay can not stay;Some things, want to hide hide not open, so, we need to put down, meet is fate, get along is love, no matter love is shallow, meet a game is lucky, regardless of love light feeling thick, love once is a blessing.Time passes, thousands of mountains and rivers, he no longer know you miss, from now on only a person’s love dearly, a person alone sad.It is difficult to fall in love with a person, but it is more difficult to put down a loved one. Maybe we can never forget the dribs and DRBS once. Since ancient times, sentient beings will hurt.Someone life was trapped by emotion, all in the pursuit of true love someone for a lifetime, in fact, don’t get is not necessarily the best, lost is not necessarily he cannot, had to understand the significance of adhering to and give up, if, don’t forget to forget, really forget is not need to work, perhaps, one day, can no longer think of, can do not need to forget, only need each other’s happiness.Image from Internet