Zhang Jichong and his wife celebrate the New Year, the hybrid son does not cooperate with acting, the whole face ignore Du Xinglin

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On February 5, Zhang Jizhong posted a video of his family celebrating the New Year on social media, with the caption: “Good health is wealth, family company is wealth, welcome the God of wealth on the fifth day of the first lunar month, wish happiness around, family harmony, less trouble.In the video, Zhang Jizhong is holding his young daughter and his mixed-race son. Du Xinglin is wearing a red dress and a white sweater. His younger son is eating a skebab.This time, Zhang Jizhong and his family were celebrating the New Year outside. Some people were watching them and there were a lot of delicious food on the table. However, the mixed-race eldest son did not know what happened.Subsequently, Du Xinglin also went to comfort, but the mixed-race son did not ignore the new mother.Martin, the mixed-race son, did not seem willing to cooperate with them. Du xinglin swayed from side to side instead of looking at the camera. Every time, Zhang Jichong held her daughter in her arms, in a haggard state.Martin had long hair before, probably because he was not satisfied with their short hair, so he was not very happy all the time. Although Zhang Jizhong had more money than he could spend, he had to take care of his wife and children, as well as the feelings of his eldest son, it was not appropriate for him to be a grandfather, but his child was still so young.Zhang Yimou, the chief director of the Winter Olympics, has won praise online, while Zhang Jizhong shows his wife and children in a short video. Netizens naturally compare the two.In this regard, some netizens ridicule, Zhang Jizhong can not be compared with Zhang Yimou, he will only sell apples, sell MATS, sell quilts, live every day with goods, consumer feelings.Zhang Jizhong usually cook for Du Xinglin, and then end up in front of his wife and daughter, Du Xinglin said that her husband’s food is sweet, taste good.Netizens accused Du Xinglin, this meal should be done by you, Zhang Jizhong is so old, can not let the elderly too hard, so old, but also serve you, too not authentic.Zhang jizhong and Du Xinglin are very concerned about netizens’ doubts, and they often exchange insults with netizens, proving that they often read the comments.The gap between Du xinglin and Zhang Jizhong is 30 years, and netizens even joked that you married an old man, do you want your daughter to grow up like you?As we all know, Du Xinglin is the concubine, while Zhang Jizhong already has three wives and four children, one for beauty, the other for money, they are also six of one, so marriage is not good, in fact, it is very normal.What do you think about that?