What does Chow Yun-fat mean by kneeling 4 times in public?The third time almost “play miserably” Zhu Jun

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The 1980 version of Shanghai Tang was inspired by The 1970 film Charlatan, directed by Jacques Del Rey.At the very beginning, the “Xu Wenqiang” that directors Zhao Zhenqiang and Tan Ruiming wanted was Zheng Shaoqiu.However, after filming Chu Liu Xiang in 1979, Cheng suffered from illness and managed to go on stage in Singapore. Then she fell ill.So when the director asked him to do Shanghai Tang, he declined and recommended Chow Yun-fat.Chow dropped to one knee three times to honor Cheng for helping him in the 1987 show twenty Years of the Emerald Stars.Shanghai Tang was so important to Chow yun-fat that after it was broadcast, the audience turned out to be empty. It not only achieved high ratings, but also influenced the creation of Chinese films and TV series.Chow yun-fat’s acting career soared with Shanghai Tang.So he knelt down three times to thank Zheng shaoqiu.Chow’s second kneel was in 1987, when he was a guest at a concert by Xu Xiaofeng, prompting her to follow suit.The two are good friends for many years, Chow Yun-fat is sincere admiration for Xu Xiaofeng.Chow yun-fat kneels for the third time somewhat interesting, this happened on September 2, 2009.At that time, director Hu Mei brought zhou Yun-fat, Zhou Xun, Chen Jian-bin, Ren Quan and other “Confucius” creators to zhu Jun’s “Art Life.”The taping began at 2pm and Chow was scheduled to arrive at 3.15pm, but he arrived early just before 3pm.The staff hurriedly asked him to wait in the lounge, but Chow Yun-fat did not listen to the arrangement and directly broke into the restricted area of the office (broadcast room).Those of you who have watched The show should know that Zhu jun is good at stirring up emotions, and almost all of his guests have burst into tears during the show.Many viewers thought zhu’s move was inappropriate and there was no need for a show to be so heavy, but Zhu said: “If you don’t have true feelings in your heart, how can you stir up emotions?Where does love come from?You may think I’m looking for a way out, but THAT’s what I really think.So when others say THAT I am sensational, take sensational things, take sensational to criticize me, even scold me, I have not made any response, because I am not sensational, but the deep feeling, feeling difficult to control.”And this “Confucius” during the film crew recording program, Zhu Jun repeatedly said the host how hard, to climb the work in the middle of the night, the province of the wife fee bulb……And also let the director of photography Bao Dexi on the spot, “I will always be Chinese.”Chow took it all in from the director’s room, where he was about to start teasing Zhu.Chow Run-fat came to power, first with Zhu Jun polite 1: “long heard, long heard!”Zhu was in high spirits: “Three years have passed since Curse of the Golden Flower.”Zhou Runfa: “pair pair pair.”Zhu Jun: “you are cooperating with mainland director again.”Zhou Runfa: “pair pair pair.”The drama begins when Zhu jun asks hu Mei how she got to Hong Kong to find Chow yun-fat.Zhou Runfa slightly lower the head not urgent not slow ground say: “if want to talk about” Confucius “, I think we should do a little atmosphere.”When the audience wondered what kind of atmosphere he was trying to create, Chow looked up suddenly and shouted, “Xiao Wu, turn off the lights in the back and turn off the lights in the front.”Zhu jun was puzzled: “Why did you turn off the light again?”Chow yun-fat explained: “Two thousand years ago, there was no such thing, only oil lamps.”Zhu jun knows that there were only oil lamps two thousand years ago, but he doesn’t know what chow Yun-fat is selling. As a veteran anchor of CCTV, he hates the situation out of control.In Art life, Zhu jun has a fixed interview process.The first is to get close, to eliminate the psychological guard and tension of guests, this is really a good way.The second is to recall childhood, this kind of topic of recalling the past, each time can remind the guests of the heart of the weakest place, for the following sensational pave.The third is to play music to strengthen the feelings of the audience and form a special atmosphere.The fourth is video, so that the creation of cognitive and emotional climax.However, as soon as the process of “flirting” was interrupted by Chow Yun-fat.Zhu was about to get back to the subject when Chow said, “To give you a sense of how ‘Confucius’ restores real life 2,000 years ago.”And so, without warning, he pulled him to his knees in front of the live audience.Zhu Jun a face stunned looking at Zhou Runfa, who knows Zhou Runfa continue to pull him to the forehead to stick to the ground, obediently to the audience kowto a head.The scene applause thunderous, Chow yun-fat said: “this bow is to thank the audience, you do not move, do not move, I want to bow down to you.”Then he faced Zhu Jun kneel kowtow, Zhu Jun completely meng circle.At this time, the atmosphere was very lively, the audience also felt very funny, after all, it was the first time to see an international star and famous host kneel down.And the audience of Zhou Xun, Chen Jianbin and other people corners of the mouth, thoughtful.After getting up, Zhu Jun puzzled of ask: “why ah?”Chow began to mimic Zhu’s usual emotive tone: “Before I made ‘Confucius,’ I watched your show, the story of you and your father, and I cried. I really cried. I was moved.”At this point, Zhu jun was a little embarrassed, because he had used his father on the show many times to stir up emotion to win the audience’s favor, and he also understood that Chow yun-fat was deliberately “finding fault”, trying to “use the same method against him”.The show was recorded for more than three hours, and instead of splitting it into two parts as usual, it was cut into just over half an hour.Since it is an interview program, as long as there is no illegal content, it should be shown to the audience. Why should it be deleted?Why was it delayed until December when it was originally recorded in early September?There are signs that there must have been a lot going on during the recording of Art Life on September 2.Although we outside the audience do not know what happened, the audience in the audience remember the interview very well.According to a source close to the recording, Zhu jun asked Chow if he would swell once he became famous, saying on the spot: “PERSONALLY, I think it will.”Chow yun-fat said: “When I became famous, I took the rv, which was very uncomfortable. Then I took the bus and subway, and I found it very comfortable.”Zhu jun was about to use the killer card of “remembering his childhood” to remind him of his past experience when Chow Yun-fat suddenly said: “Is your suit yours?Or sponsored?”This “irrelevant” topic, again disrupted Zhu jun’s rhythm.When Zhu said that the suit was made by his mother, Chow grabbed him by the collar and looked at it: “Well, this is a famous brand.”Zhu Jun felt helpless: “What business does it concern you?”Zhou Runfa clenched his collar not to let go: “this you must answer.”Zhu replied, “YES.”Chow yun-fat said again, “What about your clothes after the show? Do you lock them in the closet or take them home and wear them again?”Zhu Jun: “take home then wear.”Zhou Run: “that you wear comfortable?”Zhu had to say: “No, a little uncomfortable.”At that time, the audience laughed and completely confused.Zhu Jun by the host’s identity, transformed into the object of the interview.Chow yun-fat wanted him to understand that the sponsored clothes were also hard-earned money, and without the sponsors, the show would not work.Zhu, who had never experienced such humiliation, tried to change the subject several times but Was easily defused by Chow.He asked Chow yun-fat, “How to be a good actor?”Chow Yun-fat: “Go to bed early, get up early, and work with the sun.””Early to bed and early to rise” seems to have little to do with “being a good actor”, but Chow Yun-fat not only talked about the schedule of work and sleep, but also talked about young people to cherish their health.This attitude made Zhu become impatient: “This show can’t go on, will you forgive me?”.Unable to end, “Confucius” director Hu Mei rushed to the rescue, after all, a complete mess is not good for anyone.After the interview, the audience took to the stage to lay flowers, and almost everyone ran to Chow yun-fat. Zhu was left out again.The next day, the major media learned the whole story from the audience’s dictation, and reported that Zhu jun had been “miserably played” by Chow Yun-fat.CCTV leaders and Zhu Jun also did not expect to cause this negative impact, they thought to invite Chow Yun-fat to do the program, free publicity for him “Confucius” at the same time incidentally boost ratings, who ever thought That Chow Yun-fat whole this one.Although the episode of ‘Art life’ presented viewers with Zhu jun’s old image as an expert questioner, the show was a mess of editing, and Chow yun-fat appeared dumb and taciturn, becoming the subject of a leading interview.As public opinion intensified, Chow Yun-fat “miserable” Zhu Jun’s news was amplified on the Internet.”Kneel gate” was born.Of course, many people accuse Chow yun-fat of being narrow-minded and deliberately finding fault, even referring to the Confucian spirit of Confucius.Chow yun-fat also did not want to make a big deal out of the matter. He immediately issued a statement to the column team of “Art life” through his company. Director Hu Mei also posted a statement to clarify that there is no such thing as “tragic” and that kneeling in the show is “sincerity and dedication”.Entertainment reporters, who like to join in the fun, also interviewed the other creators of Confucius in order to find answers.Chen jianbin said that the scene was very funny, not as the outside world said, chow Yun-fat and Zhu Jun kneel to the audience in order to better let the audience understand Confucius more than 2,000 years ago, a kind of patience and humility.Renquan renquan said in the interview that kneeling was a basic etiquette in ancient times because the play was about Confucius, and Fage was always very casual in interviews. He took the host to kneel down, which was actually a kind of understanding into his own.It was probably filmed on the same day as the filming was done, so it was probably like being immersed in character, but the atmosphere was harmonious and real.At that time, the famous entertainment media person Zheng Ye once said: “Brother Fa is sometimes a little” crazy “, that year “Curse of the Golden Flower” press conference, he “smoke back”.In front of the other people Zhang Yimou’s face, from behind the direct embrace Gong Li along while do not give up.But what can we do?Who is he?They are “steamed buns soaked in gruel” — Chow Run-fat!Who but he would dare to do that?Why don’t you try someone else?It’s your fault that Gong Lifan doesn’t die!So the fact that Fage took Zhu to his knees is nothing new.Zhu Jun also doesn’t have a problem with it. If she’s on your show, it’s for ‘Art life’, so you should cooperate with her.”In short, at that time, the “kneel gate” incident was overwhelming.Zhu later talked about it in Cao Kefan’s Listen to Kefan.Cao Kefan: “be questioned by everybody a lot of is zhou Runfa that period program, that kind of flow is set?”Zhu jun said: “there is a set, before the opening brother said, today I want to pull you to kneel together, I said why kneel ah, brother said 2000 years ago without these things.And when he got up there, he hit his head, and I couldn’t see how it would work.However, brother fat is particularly good, when the society stir stir, brother fat through his company to send me a statement letter.At that time, many people asked me to post this statement on the Internet. I said that Brother Fat could do such a thing, but I absolutely couldn’t do it. They could say whatever they wanted because their mouth was on other people.I’m still saying, it’s your own work, it’s someone else’s word, it’s someone else’s award, it doesn’t matter, as long as you feel good about yourself, that your conscience is clear.”Chow Yun-fat this kneel, let “Art life” and Zhu Jun became a laughing stock, although issued a statement, but with the scene of the audience one after another broke the news, lasted more than half a year before subsiding.Chow’s fourth public kneel was at the premiere of his film Confucius.The premiere was held in Beijing and Confucius’ 77th granddaughter Kong Demao was invited.She praised chow’s acting skills and wrote “Confucius forever.”Chow yun-fat solemnly kowtows on his knees to express his thanks to the old man.In fact, Chow Yun-fat knelt not only to express his gratitude and respect for Confucius’ 77th granddaughter, but also to show his respect and reverence for history.Chow yun-fat has said many times that he does not understand Mandarin, Confucius and the Analects of Confucius, but in order to better interpret and grasp the role of Confucius as a historical figure, he shaved his head and wrinkled his skin to “resemble” Confucius in shape and temperament.He spent three months learning how to bow down, and whenever he was on set, he kept his legs on the ground.During that time, he fell to his knees from the play.Many people said that Chow yun-fat was addicted to kowtowing.The third of the four kneels made the most noise.As to who is right and who is wrong, I believe that many people have a steelyard in their hearts.