Six New Year movies are leading the Spring Festival season. Compared with last year, the total box office performance is down or up?

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Six of the eight Chinese New Year films are leading the box office, including Watergate Bridge, The Killer, Boonie Bears: Return to Earth, The Four Winds, Wonder, Stupid Kids and Sniper.Especially worthy of mention is that the gate bridge of long jin lake is on the first day on February 1 – day box office reached 831 million yuan, has become the three champions – the movie plot movie opening day box office, the Spring Festival of the cinema in China, war movie box office, China’s Spring Festival of the cinema, movie plot in a single day box office champion.These three titles sound like a mouthful, but in fact they mean the same thing: “The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” will create another miracle of domestic films, breaking records.Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake not only continues the emotional line of Chojin Lake, but also achieves comprehensive upgrading in production.The fate of all the soldiers of the seventh company and the ninth Company has come to an end, which is a result that brings tears to the eyes of the audience, as well as a solemn and stirring ending.Sniper, zhang’s first Spring Festival film, is co-directed by zhang and his daughter Zhang Mo.Compared with “three water gate bridge”, “Sniper” focuses on the little-known but equally significant “cold artillery movement”, tells the situation of the enemy and my military strength is unequal, our army and the US elite sniper team launched a life-and-death contest moving story.There is a film with an unusual title, The Killer is not Too Calm, which is the only comedic film of this year’s Spring Festival, which can be said to meet the market demand.In fact, “sniper” with “the killer is not very calm” on the subject matter is more close to, of course, although the movie theme is the same, but the vast differences in the audience, according to the cat’s eye institute wants to see the user portrait, the advantage of “the killer is not very calm” area in the northeast and north China region, and “sniper” in south China, east China’s audience.The production companies, or investment companies, behind these Chinese New Year products offer some insight.Data shows, “Watergate Bridge” behind involving 7 production side and 1 distribution side, including Bona film, Bayi film studio, Shanghai Film Group, Ali Film and other film and television giants, Bona film also take into account the distribution.It is worth mentioning that in addition to Watergate Bridge, bona Film is also behind this year’s Spring Festival hit The Four Sea. One of the film’s producers, Xinjiang Bona Runze Culture Media Co., LTD., is a subsidiary of Bona Film.It can be seen that Bona Film and Ali Film are very active in recent years!In the past year, Bona Film co-produced Chinese Doctor, My Father and I and Changjin Lake, which earned a total of 8.58 billion yuan at the box office.Movies like youth, love, animation and thriller are the preferred themes of the post-00s generation.In addition to youth and love, the post-1995 generation chose more suspense movies.The post-90s have a stronger preference for action and adventure movies.There is a strong demand for parent-child movie-watching among the post-80s generation, who are keen to watch animated movies with their children.However, drama films and historical war themes are more attractive to the post-70s and pre-70s audiences.Of course, this group is also the group with the strongest spending power.Industry insiders believe that As early as 2018 and 2019, China’s film production capacity has reached the upper limit range.Capacity cap refers to both the maximum number of films and the maximum capacity of a cinema, that is, the number of screens, audience, frequency of viewing and the number of seats.Production capacity can not be unlimited expansion, and the rate of approval and completion of domestic films have also declined.”Watergate Bridge” is expected to outperform previous films at the box office, but its overall box office performance for the Spring Festival will be lower than that of 2021.