Set pattern reflects noun interpretation

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Definition: a concept in psychology in which a prepared state of mind affects the tendency, extent and manner of subsequent activities.1, set reaction refers to the previous mental activities will form a state of preparation or psychological tendency for future mental activities.Set thinking has a strong inertia or stubborn, can be said to be the biggest enemy of thinking.World outlook, living environment and knowledge background all affect people’s attitude and way of thinking towards things, but the most important factor is past experience, which will always affect people’s thinking.2. Set thinking effect refers to the phenomenon that people are limited to existing information or knowledge.When the new problem relative to the old problem is the dominant role of its similarity, the thinking set formed by the solution of the old problem is often conducive to the solution of the new problem.People’s thinking space is infinite, like paper clips, at least there are millions of possible changes.The body in three-dimensional space is the carrier of human consciousness. In higher dimensional space, the body may not exist completely, so human consciousness can no longer take the body in three-dimensional space-time as the carrier.