Season the bundesliga | 013 Berlin Sunday joint intelligence summary vs borussia Dortmund

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1. In the past 10 matches, he has broken the index 7 times.2. 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss at home in the last 9 league matches, with excellent main battle ability;3. Alwaleii, the main striker, has scored 14 goals and 3 assists in all competitions.4. The 6 consecutive unbeaten streak ended after the away loss in the last round, and morale will be hit.5, nearly four rounds of league half have conceded goals, defensive performance is slow;6, the main forward delle will continue to miss this round.Borussia Dortmund: 1. Scored goals in the last 8 matches with Berlin Union, and was experienced in attacking.2. Scored goals in 18 matches in a row.3. Coach Rose averaged 1.87 points in 31 games after taking over, and the coaching effect was fair.4. The total number of goals in the recent 21 games is more than 2;5. The defense line is getting slower and slower, and conceding goals in the half of the last three games;6. Harland, the main striker, Emre Jan, defender Schmelzer and Morey will be injured and missing this round;7, midfielder Dahoud has received 5 yellow and 1 red, the defensive performance is rough and reckless;8. In the last 10 away games, I only won 4 games, and my ability to play away games declined seriously.The index trend is very erratic, nearly ten win index rate is only 50% and all are interphase.Injury situation Berlin United: goalkeeper Busk coronavirus;Center Vogsa has the coronavirus;Midfielder Rani Khedira is suspended for yellow cards;Forward Lawrence Delle surgery.Borussia Dortmund: left back Schmelzer injured;Emre Can has a muscle injury in his lower back;Right wing Wolff injured;Center Harland injured;Right back Matteu Morey is injured.Expected lineup Berlin United (3-5-1-1) : 1-Lute;25 Baumgartel, 31 Knoch, 33 Heinz;28 Tremel, 21 Promel, 7 Oztunali, 24 Genki Haraguchi, 23 Gisselman;27 – baker;14- Avalii.Borussia Dortmund (4-2-3-1) : 11-GregorBell);24 Munier, 15 Hummels, 16 Akonki, 13 Guerrero;22 erringham, 8 Dahood;7 Renner, 11 Reus, 19 Brandt;21 – mullen.Home side United Berlin have been very consistent at home this season, having lost only once in the league.Visiting borussia Dortmund were recently without Harland, who has missed several games with a muscle tear and will be out again this time.The index at the beginning of this round was only +0.5, the lowest concession in the history of the confrontation, giving Berlin union a high level of trust.Comprehensive analysis of this match suggests that Berlin united are undefeated.