Ivanka Trump, 40, made a rare appearance without makeup as she picked up her 10-year-old daughter from school

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Ivanka Trump, 40, has rarely been seen in public since stepping down as the nation’s first daughter.On February 4, the Daily Mail published a set of photos of Ivanka Trump dropping off 10-year-old Arabella to her after-school class. The former White House senior adviser wore no makeup at all, just like her daughter, wearing casual tracksuits. She looked fit and healthy without makeup.Since the family moved to Florida by Washington, ivanka jared kushner, home with her husband’s three children came to a local jewish schools, and outside the classroom, arabella to Miami, the circus school, this is an off-campus art training institutions, professor trapeze artists to the children, variety, balance board, such as walking a tightrope acrobatics.On Thursday, Ivanka took Arabella to class and the mother and daughter were dressed like each other, with Ivanka wearing a casual navy hooded tracksuit, navy blue and black tights, and $140 black Mizu deep sneakers.Ivanka wore no makeup, her blonde hair tied back in a messy fashion, a platinum ring on one hand and her usual red rope on the other arm, and no other jewelry.While waiting for her daughter to start class, Ivanka went to a nearby Starbucks and bought two pink drinks for her daughter and her little friend.With headphones in her ears, Ivanka made her way to the car, sipping from a drink as she went.Soon arabella’s class was over, and the little girl was chatting with her friend over a drink her mother had bought. Her hair was wet with sweat.But, perhaps because of her love of sport, little Arabella looks as fit and energetic as her mother.After leaving the White House, ivanka and Her husband moved into one of Miami’s most expensive complexes, Arte Surfside, where the average rent is $47,000 a month.Ivanka and Her husband are living comfortably off, buying a $32.2 million land in 2020 and a $24 million mansion in 2021.Photo by Kaka