“Beautiful Yunnan” here is a festival all the year round

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The local Chronicles, a treasure of Chinese traditional culture, comprehensively and systematically describe the history and current situation of nature, politics, economy, culture and society in each administrative region.In order to show the profound history and culture, colorful folk customs and charming natural scenery of Yunnan in an all-round, multi-angle and deep way, so that readers can have a thorough and in-depth understanding of yunnan, know and love Yunnan, yunnan Publishing has launched a series of micro-video columns in cooperation with the Office of Yunnan Provincial Chronicles Compilation Committee.The content includes many aspects of Yunnan’s reputation, beauty, beauty, cuisine and so on.Next, let’s feel the scenery of Yunnan under the light and shadow, the historical elegance in the classic books, appreciate the charm of Yunnan, enjoy the customs of Yunnan, and enjoy the beauty of Yunnan!.Length 05:00 gang up people carrying palm fan dance in public when cigarette drums sounded when people deep feeling of hope sing love songs masked pluralism in the integration of bright culture here this is China’s largest including yuanjiang dry-hot valleys (DHV) basin including yuanjiang county, yunnan province, located in south-central yuxi including yuanjiang hani yi dai national minority autonomous county for water named hani, yi, dai ancestors thousands of years in accordance with the waterStaggered distribution in the “natural greenhouse” water nourishes the well-developed bazi also spawned a year national prosperity and colorful folk culture holds rich and colorful folk customs activities including yuanjiang hani, yi cigarette dance of the dai masked palm fan dance song, bai metres to do section characteristic such as huashan festival of the miao nationality folk here heartily style hani hani palm fan palm fan dance dance originated inIn the ancient hunter-gatherer life, people hold a brown fan to simulate the Silver pheasant and dance with the wind in the mountains.The movements of the dance are simple, lifelike and graceful, with distinctive national characteristics and strong local flavor.In 2011, it was included in the third batch of national intangible cultural Heritage protection list.Yuanjiang Tobacco Box Dance is one of the most characteristic dances of the Yi people in southern Yunnan. It got its name because each person dances with a bamboo or kapok locust cigarette box in each hand.On festive occasions, the music of silk and bamboo was heard. Accompanied by the sound of crisp cigarette boxes, the boys and girls of The Yi nationality in Yuanjiang stepped out with flexible feet and waved their arms like phoenix nodding their heads.Yi people’s fire like enthusiasm and straightness, are written in the sound of silk and bamboo music, melt in the lightly dance.Masked love songs Masked love songs originated in the Water dai Yuan River, this kind of folk songs, mainly spread in the river valley along the Yuan River.Every year on the seventh day of the first lunar month and the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, yuanjiang Dai village girls with a beautiful Dai brocade square scarf cover the pretty face.Graceful and melodious love song from dai Brocade under the embroidered spit, romantic lingering love filled the whole stockade, also filled the heart of dai children.Nowadays, dai masked love songs are not only a way for dai youth to express their love, but also carry the rich historical and cultural information of Yuanjiang Dai and become an important carrier to display and inherit the excellent traditional culture of dai.The wonderful national festivals and folk activities are a year-long carnival ceremony, which is the characteristics of yuanjiang’s hospitality and the precious culture of people of all ethnic groups continuously continued in the long river of thousands of years